Zara Faux Fur Furry Rubberized Raincoat with Alphabet Letters for Toddlers size 4t 5t
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Zara Furry Alphabet Toddler Raincoat

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We LOVE Zara for my son Oliver. The clothing is affordable, well-made, and trendy so he can stay cool at school. The ZARA Furry Alphabet Toddler Raincoat is no exception!

Since it doesn’t rain often in California, every time it does rain it seems like my son’s raincoat or rainboots are TOO SMALL! So I’ve learned to check and buy him updated sizes BEFORE the rain comes.

ZARA Kids Raincoat with Alphabet and Faux Fleece Fur Lining

This coat is sold out in the stores but I am selling it on all my favorite second-hand websites. If you’d like, surf over to ZARA to check out their other options for rain gear!

Oliver is wearing the NUNUNU Rain Boots – Read my review of them here.

ZARA Furry Alphabet Raincoat Features

Rubberized Exterior Features

The Zara Baby “Letters” print rubberized rain jacket with faux fur lining features are described in this section. The style number is 0/5475/557/807/48. This raincoat retailed for $35.90+tax and is from the 2018 Zara Baby Outerwear collection.

Zara calls this color Anthracite grey. It is a navy blue color with just a hint of grey. The alphabet print is done in a rose gold color and it has a slight shimmer to it.

Close up of the Alphabet Letter print

The rubberized exterior is waterproof. Water will bead up and roll off in the rain. It is not too stiff or “noisy”. No swish-swish when your little one is running and playing.

Zara Baby Rubberized Alphabet with Fur Lining Warm Rain Coat for Colder Weather

Full-length plastic navy blue zipper closure. Snap buttons can be closed to hide the zipper.

Snap closure buttons with plastic zipper on ZARA Baby rubberized faux fur lined rain jacket

The snaps are on top of the rubberized alphabet fabric and the other side is inside the faux fur lining.

ZARA Rubberized Alphabet ABCs Print Rain Jacket for Babies and Toddlers Exterior Detail

The faux fur lining peaks out around the front closure, the bottom, and around the hood.

Fur Lined Hood on the ZARA Rubberized Raincoat for Toddlers size 2T 3T

Slit pockets at the hips to store all the treasures your kids find while out and about.

ZARA Baby Outerwear Collection Alphabet Pattern Rubberized Raincoat with Snap Closure and Pockets

The pockets are lined in a lightweight polyester fabric and do not have fuzzy fur inside them.

Zara Baby Outerwear Collection Faux Fur Rubberized Rain Coat for Toddlers Back View with mini Vent and super cute alphabet print

The back of the jacket features an all-over Alphabet print. There is a tiny “vent” at the hemline. The fit of this jacket is slightly flared a-line.

Zara Baby Toddler Rubberized Rain Coat with Faux Fur Lining Modeled by 4 Year Old while it rains

Fuzzy Faux Fur Interior Features

The polyester-based faux fur is ultra soft and cuddlable. Very warm and of nice quality. It does not leave fuzzies on clothing and it doesn’t shed when washed. It’s MUCH softer than any fleece lining that some other raincoats come with.

Zara Faux Fur Lined Rubberized Baby Toddler Raincoat with Alphabet Letters Print Interior Features

The faux fur lines the bodice and hood of the jacket. There is also a strip of fur on the outside, by the snap button closure.

Zara Baby Raincoat with Letters all over and slit pockets and a bit of fake fur

The sleeves are lined in lightweight polyester fabric, the same as the exterior, slit pockets.

Faux fur lining on the bodice and lightweight poly lining on the sleeves

When in school, most kids hang their jackets on hooks near the classroom or in a locker. This jacket has a little loop inside for hanging up the jacket on a hook. Convenient little feature.

Zara Baby Outerwear Collection Faux Fur Fleece Lined Waterproof Rubberized Rain Jacket Raincoat in size 2/3 96 cm

Another little but useful feature is the Name Tag inside the jacket. Clothing seems to get lost at school or daycare. Make sure it returns to you by putting your little one’s name on their clothing items.

No products found.

ZARA Furry Alphabet Raincoat Measurements

This jacket is a size 2/3 years and 98 cm. It is from the ZARA Baby Outerwear collection and it is made in Vietnam.

Zara Rubberized Fur Lined Kids Waterproof Rain Jacket in Navy with Alphabet Letters Print

Outfit details: Pom Pom Hat (Similar), Zara Lined Rain Jacket (Similar), Nununu Rain Boots (Similar) – Read my review of these NuNuNu boots here, Old Navy Sweatpants (Similar)

The photo above is of Oliver at 4 and a couple of months old wearing this jacket. He is of average height for his age and very slender.

The actual measurements for this exact rain jacket. All measurements were taken with it lying flat. All measurements are approximate and in inches.

Size: 2 / 3 (Toddler sizing for 2 to 3-year-olds. My son wore it when he was 2 to just over 4 years old). Below is a photo of Oliver at almost exactly 2 years old (average height and very slender).

Two Year Old Boy Wearing ZARA Baby size 2/3 Lined Rain Jacket while going to daycare.

Armpit to Armpit: 13 inches

Sleeve Length (from shoulder seam to wrist): 13 inches

Sleeve Length (from armpit to wrist): 9 inches

Hemline Width: 16 1/2 inches

Total Length from Neckline to Hemline: 16 1/2 inches

ZARA Furry Alphabet Raincoat Wear & Tear

This jacket has held up beautifully. It also washed very well. The rubberized outside was easy to spot clean small stains. Most of the time dirt just didn’t “stick” to that side and could have just been brushed off. Washing the coat in the washing machine was also easy and effective.

I always use Dropps detergent pods. For extra stains, I use the Dropps Oxi Booster pods. Most of the time I use the Stain and Odor Detergent Pods but sometimes I use the Sensitive Skin Pods. Fabric softener is optional.

I always line-dry all items to keep them looking beautiful for years. This also helps me re-sell the items or donate them in great condition.

The faux fur lining did get some staining but I pre-treated it with Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Spray or Dawn Platinum Dish Detergent (this stuff works like magic on almost ALL stains) and the fur came out looking like new.

Zara Rubberized Toddler Rain Jacket with Faux Fur Lining and Alphabet Print Damaged Scratches / Chipping on Snap Closure Buttons

The most wear and tear seems to be on the snap closure front buttons. The navy blue paint on the silver buttons chipped in the wash (probably from snapping/hitting the washing machine). The snaps are fully functional but look a little worn.

All the seams are intact and in excellent condition. The fur really held up so well without being matted or having major piling.

The zipper, being plastic and lightweight, works great. It is smooth and in great condition.

Below is an image of the fabric content.

Fabric Content of Zara Rubberized Faux Fur Fleece Lined Rain Coat / Jacket

Shop This Jacket From Second-Hand Vendors

This is a popular Zara style of raincoat you can still purchase this style but not in that exact print here.

This exact print is sold out but you can still buy it on the second-hand market, I will link more options below if the size I am selling isn’t what you are looking for or if my item sells out.

Get this exact coat on Mercari: Click here to buy (sorry if it sells out!)

Poshmark also has this jacket for sale: Click here to purchase (sorry if it’s not available anymore).

New and Used Options on EBAY are also available for this exact rain jacket. (again, sorry if this sells out).

If these sell out do a Google search for “Zara Rubberized Fur Lined Letter Raincoat” (or something similar) and you should get some results back that might help.

Similar Styles From Various Vendors / Pricepoints

If you can splurge on a rain jacket for your child, Toastie Kids and Mini A Ture are truly worth the money. We have had both raincoats for Oliver for YEARS! The quality is unbeatable, they wash well, and stains come out easily on the fabrics. The fit is unique and flattering – your child will stand out and be the most stylish kid at school.

Mini A Ture Rain Jacket Modeling Photos of 5 Year Old

Boden has some of the best quality at affordable prices for kid, baby, and toddler rain jackets/raincoats.

For a vast selection at ALL price points, Amazon has many options for raincoats for the entire family.

IjnUhb Waterproof Hooded Jacket for Boys Girls,Kids Raincoats Outdoor Windbreaker Dinosaur Rain Jacket(Cyan Dino,6-7 Years)
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