Piccolina Kids Train Transportation Print Zip Front Hoodie in Green size 6
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Piccolina Kids Train Hoodie

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The Piccolina Kids Train Hoodie is from a children’s clothing brand with a powerful back story and message. Piccolina tries to inspire little girls (and boys) to dream big, and become scientists, mathematicians, and activists. Piccolina also introduces clothing typically for boys, such as dinosaurs, trains, and space-themed items, for girls AND boys.

You may have heard of their “Trailblazer” collection which is Piccolina’s claim to fame featuring women pioneers. This Train Locomotives print is from their other popular collection called “Discovery”.

Let’s take a look at the Piccolina Kids Locomotives Hoodie. This was one of the first pieces of Piccolina clothing I purchased for my son. Side note: we own A LOT of Piccolina items!

Piccolina Locomotive Print Zip Front Hoodie

The hood on this hoodie has the train print on the exterior and a green, soft, cotton lining on the interior.

Piccolina Kids Zip Front Hoodie in Train Print Green with Cotton Lined Hood

The hemline of the sweatshirt features a soft, slightly looser banding in green. This portion of the hoodie got some piling from wash and wear. It is very soft and stretchy and doesn’t hug the body.

Piccolina Kids Train Print Green Hooded Sweatshirt with Soft Green Banding at the Wrists and Hemline

The same banding is also at the wrists. Again, the cotton there pilled a bit after wash and wear. Granted we had this hoodie for 2 1/2 years now but that portion shows the hoodie’s age whereas the locomotive print fabric is pretty much pill-free.

Piccolina Kid's Trailblazer T Shirt- Mae Jemison
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I try to take very good care of our clothing items to keep them in nice shape to re-sell or donate. I use DROPPS detergent pods and find them to be great for sensitive skin and keeping clothes looking good while being effective in cleaning.

Piccolina Kids Zip Front Hoodie with Train Locomotive Print has a Sturdy Green Plastic Zipper

The zipper is a lightweight, molded zipper made out of plastic. This type of zipper makes it easier to work for little kids. It is smoother than a metal zipper and more lightweight making the garment more comfortable to wear for a child.

Piccolina Kids Rare and Sold out Train Locomotive Print Close up

The Train Locomotive print on the forest green background is unique, unisex, and surprisingly goes with many outfits. There are various locomotives and train cars. Some have geometric figures such as circles, triangles, and rectangles. Some are more detailed with all the inner workings of locomotives shown and some others look like trolleys with passengers. The graphic is drawn in an old-timely type of imagery.

The interior of the Piccolina Locomotive hoodie is white cotton french terry

The interior of the hoodie is white cotton terry. It’s lightweight and breathable.

Measurements & Fit of the Piccolina Kids Train Hoodie

This Piccolina Train hoodie is a size 6 and fits slightly on the smaller side but my son likes his clothing a bit looser. For a more fitted look, this would be TTS (true to size) but if you like it baggy or want your child to grow into it, I suggest sizing 1 size up.

Fit and Measurements of the PIccolina Kids Discovery Locomotive Zip Front Hoodie

Measurements with the sweatshirt laying flat, all measurements are approximate and in inches.

Size: 6 (Little kid, fit my child from the age of 5 to 6)

Armpit to Armpit: 15″

Sleeve Length (from shoulder seam to wrist): 15.25″

Hemline Width: 12″ (but will stretch to more)

Total Length from Neckline to Hemline: 18.75″

Price & Discounts

I believe the retail price of the Piccolina Kids Train Hoodie was somewhere between $55-60 but Piccolina and other re-sellers of the brand are always running promotions so I purchased it for $43 on the official Piccolina website in 2022.

Where to Purchase Piccolina NEW & Second-Hand




Piccolina Kids Locomotive Print Line features onesies for babies, pajamas for toddlers and kids and other clothing with the cute train print.

Purchase Piccolina Kids Brand NEW From These Online Stores



Social Goods


Official Piccolina Website

Purchase Piccolina Kids Second-Hand

Want to save even more money? Try purchasing second-hand. It’s good for your wallet and the environment. Kidizen has a TON of low-priced, excellent-condition Piccolina Kids items.

Another great place is the OG of second-hand, eBay. There are many Piccolina Kids items on eBay at various price points and in various conditions.

Surprisingly, I found many pre-owned Piccolina Kids items on the Walmart website too!

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