Nununu Mousy Control Freak French Terry Sweat Pant
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Nununu Mousy Control Freak Pants

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Below is an overview of the popular Kid’s Nununu French Terry Mousy Control Freak NO! Pants (that’s a mouthful).

Nununu Mousy Control Freak NO! logo Dropped Crotch Harem Pants in French Terry

Nununu Mousy Control Freak Pants Features

Exterior Features

Just like most Nununu styles, the Mousy Control Freak Pants offer a cartoony yet minimalistic print.

Nununu NO! Mousy Control Freak White Graphics on Black Pants Photo of Details

The fit is baggy with tapered legs—slight drop crotch style (Zouave, harem, or hammer pants).

Nununu NO! Yellow tab and Mickey Mouse Like Logo on loose pants for kids

The waistline is elasticized with a cream self-tie string. The elastic is pretty tight and the tie DOES work to tighten the waist. The tie is a flat, woven cotton fabric similar to a shoelace.

Nununu Elastic Waist Band with Adjustable Self Tie Shoelace Style

Two, slit pockets at each side of the hips are a must-have for kids. You know, to store all the treasures they find at school or the playground.

Nununu Close up on side slit pockets on their drop crotch loose baggy pants

The front of the right leg has a “NO!” spray paint-style graphic. There is also a Nununu logo yellow patch which highlights the Nununu philosophy and motto.

Nununu Kids NO! Graphic with Yellow Patch on the Mousy Control Freak Baggy Sweat Pants

The front of the left leg has the Mousy Control Freak graphic. The mouse is reminiscent of Mickey Mouse but with an edgy twist. The Control Freak lettering is bold.

The Nununu Mousy Logo Looks Like Mickey Mouse But Edgier

Further down the left leg, there is a small “Nununu” logo tab.

Nununu Leg Tab Tag with Logo on the Leg

The back of the pants is just plain black cotton. No pockets and no graphics.

Nununu Drop Crotch Loose Mousy Control Freak Baggy Pants in Black with Mickey Mouse Like Logo

The bottom features a thick but slightly loose banding around the ankles for a jogger style.

Interior Features

The interior fabric is a cotton terry with fluffy loops. The interior is not lined but the cotton is soft and feels nice against even the most sensitive skin.

Nununu Size Tag 6-7 With Thick Elastic Band and French terry Loops interior

The size tag is created from a sewn-on cream-colored patch. This patch is located near the elastic waistband at the interior back of the sweatpants. It has the size along with the Nununu logo and website URL. There is also a neon yellow loop near it – perhaps to hang the pants on a hook or just decorative. I’m not sure why it’s there actually. The price tag was looped through that neon loop when we purchased the sweats.

Nununu 6-7 french terry loose pants white patch size tag on the interior

The other feature of the interior is just the made-in, fabric, and care tag. These were made in Portugal out of 100% Grade A Cotton. Nununu is based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. The care instructions are to put the garment in the washing machine and tumble dry on low.

Nununu Made in, Fabric Content and Care instructions on interior tag of garment

Nununu Mousy Sweat Pants Measurements, Fit & Fabric

Measurements and Sizing

This is the official size chart on the Nununu website for kids’ measurements in inches.

Nununu Kids Size Chart in Inches from 12 months to 14 year old boys and girls

The measurements of these exact sweatpants are as follows. All measurements are approximate and were taken with the pants lying flat.

Size: 6 / 7 (Little kids sizing for 6 to 7-year-olds. My son wore these when he was 6 to 7 years old). My son is very slender and tall for his age so the waist was always slightly too baggy but the length was perfect until he was just over 7 years old, the waist was still too baggy and the length was just a hair too short.

Waist: 10″ unstretched/without using the tie. Can stretch up to 12″ or so.

Outseam (from waist to hem): 28.5″

Inseam: 18″

Rise (keep in mind this is a drop crotch style that can be worn high or low on the waist): 12″

Fit and Style

One of the most popular styles from Nununu. These come in so many prints and colors season after season. Slouchy with plenty of room for freedom to run, play, and move around.

Nununu tag inside the garment

The waist can be worn higher or lower which will increase or decrease how baggy these are.

These lounge pants are loose on top and taper down as you approach the ankles.

Nununu Mousy Control Freak Pants Wear and Tear

These sweats are created from a true black cotton fabric. This means that the always hated, never avoided, FUZZIES appear after wearing and washing.

Nununu Fuzzies on Black Cotton Remove with Fuz Roller Lint Roller

EVERY light-colored fuzz sticks to these BUT they are easy to rejuvenate using a fuzz/lint roller.

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Nununu Mousy Control Freak Pants Purchase Price & Place, Resale Value

I purchased these on the official Nununu website. The regular price was $68 (in 2022) but these were on sale for $49 (purchased in October 2022).

The invoice states these were called: “French Terry Mousy Baggy Pants”

Item: 512266


This brand sells fairly quickly on secondhand markets if priced correctly. I will be pricing them at around $30 + shipping (which will net me about $25). We will see how that goes, I will update this post once they sell and share what I earned, how long they were for sale, and which venue they sold on.

Save Money & the Environment by Buying Nununu Second-Hand

Kidizen: A great website where you can list and sell kid and mommy clothing, accessories, toys, and gear.

eBay: The OG of second-hand re-sale. There are pages and pages of Nununu items at every price point imaginable. You will find SOMETHING on eBay.

Vestiaire Collective: This re-sale website focuses on luxury items so Nununu qualifies and you can find some great deals. The selection isn’t as big as other sites but there are deals to be snagged.

Mercari: Easy to use with many options for clothing items, accessories, toys/gear, and gadgets. Mercari also has a great iPhone app that makes selling super easy!

Poshmark: Another popular website to sell and buy items secondhand. They have a HUGE selection of Nununu clothing. Remember to add items to your bundle and ask to score lower prices. New to Poshmark, use my referral code MALIBUKARINA to save (only valid for new accounts).

Thread UP: There is some Nununu (and other brands) on Thread UP. It’s worth a peek but I find the search hit and miss so it’s a little harder to find that special gem.

Offer Up: This one has an option to pick up your item to save your $ on shipping.

Buy Similar Styles at Various Price Points

Amazon: There are many styles at all kinds of price points here. Different styles of baggy, drop crotch pants in many fabrics and prints.

Maisonette: This online shop has SO many options for kids’ clothing! Mostly for smaller brands, and many eco-friendly and indie designers.

Cotton On: This is a store I see at the Mall all the time but just recently went in and they really have cute kids’ clothing at amazing prices!

King + Lola: This is a brand I just discovered and their clothes are PERFECTION!

H&M: We all know H&M, they always have the latest styles, and you’re bound to find trendy loose, pants at a low price.

Etsy: Ahh, the biggest small business sale site in the world! A great resource for unique baggy pants or you can even have something custom made! The possibilities are endless with Etsy.

Abercrombie & Fitch Kids: Great quality products and they’re always running sales!

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