BIBI LOU ZAGREB PATENT LEATHER LOAFERS size 37 in cream purchase at Anthropologie
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Bibi Lou Zagreb Loafers in Cream

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I purchased the Bibi Lou Zagreb Loafers in Cream size 37 in late 2023, these retailed for $165+Tax on It was my first pair of Bibi Lou shoes and I’m pretty impressed!

A Little Bit About the Bibi Lou Brand

Bibi Lou is a Spanish Brand. Their shoes are made all over the world, including Spain and Italy. I am not sure where these were made I can’t find a “Made in” tag but some of their styles I noticed were made in Italy and Spain so I can assume they are European Made.

Bibi Lou creates feminine and classic shoes and bags. Most of their styles are timeless with a touch of trendyness so they will be in style from season to season.

They also mention on their website that they are working towards becoming a more eco-friendly and sustainable brand.

I listed these loafers on all my favorite second-hand websites. Take a look and make me an offer!

Top view of the Made in Spain Patent leather Cream / off white BIBI LOU Zagreb slip on loafers with horsebit detail

Unfortunately, these have sold out. They sold in 4 days on eBay (listed 5/2 and sold on 5/6). Listed for $60, a buyer made me an offer for $44 + shipping so I took it!

Bibi Lou Zagreb Loafer Features

First off, these came in a nice, sturdy shoebox with the Bibi Lou logo in golden letters on the top. The box is a craft paper brown color which makes it look neutral and more “natural”. The interior of the box is a peachy color.

These came with 2 dust bags, they are not fancy or anything but will keep your loafers from scuffing and rubbing against each other.

Bibi Lou 2 Dust Bags called this color “Cream” but on the shoe box the color is listed as “Off White”. I think cream is actually more accurate.

Bibi Lou Zagreb Patent Leather Loafers 571Z21VK Off White 62098 Natural Color Box Space Reserved for Your Label

The leather is quite soft for being a glossy patent. It’s actually not a very high-gloss type of leather. It is also pliable and slightly “wrinkled” so there is stretch to it for a more comfortable fit.

Bibi Lou's Patent Leather is not ultra shiny polished but rather crumpled and very soft and pliable. For extra comfortable wear all day long
Gucci Princetown inspired horsebit detail on the more affordable bibi lou zagreb loafers

The Bibi Lou Zagreb loafer is a style they bring back season after season in different fabrics, leathers, and prints. This style also comes in a mule, without a back heel.

Zagreb Off White Loafers Made in Spain Have a Soft and Supple Patent Water Resistant Leather Heel for Extra Comfort

White stitching throughout for an elegant look.

Bibi Lou Horsebit Loafers have a deep gold horse bit detail at the vamp. Very reminiscent of the Gucci oxfords

Classic, Gucci Loafer, inspired oversize horsebit detail. The deep, vibrant, gold horse-bit is located on the vamp of the shoes.

Almond Toe on loafer shoes is not too pointy and not round it is shaped a little like an almond

Almond toe. Which is similar to the classic round toe except it is slightly pointed. It resembles the shape of an almond.

Bibi Lou Leather Insole for extra comfort and luxury

Leather insole.

Bibi Lou 37 Loafer Logo on the Soles of the shoe

Slip-proof rubber sole.

1" 1.5 cm stacked heel on a loafer

Stacked, low 1 inch heel.

Measurements and Comfort and Wear & Tear of the Bibi Lou Loafer

Below I share how comfortable these are (or are not). How they held up as I wore them. Some basic measurements to help you decide on fit.


I wore these while visiting Paso Robles Wineries. I didn’t wear them with socks and walked around quite a bit. They did start to hurt my foot about 1/2 way through the day but it was a hot day with a lot of walking.

Side view of the Bibi Lou Zagreb Patent Leather Loafers for Women in Cream Off White

Where these shoes rubbed was around my left heel. But then again that is the foot that seems to always get hurt in shoes.

I think perhaps with a shoe insert these would be a lot more comfortable. I love the Dr. Scholl’s ones!

And of course, socks would help too!

The rubber sole was comfortable and thick enough that I didn’t feel the ground (pebbles or anything) while walking. The rubber is bendable and makes walking quiet.

Rubber outsoles help with slipping and cancelling noise when walking in loafers

The heel is a stacked wooden heel and does make a little bit of a tappity tap noise when walking.


These are a size 37 EU. I typically wear a 37 (or 6.5 to 7 in US shoe sizes) and these fit me perfectly. As a reference, I wear a 37 in the Gucci loafers as well. 37 in all sneakers. 37 in sandals and other loafers. For slip-on mules, I typically like to go up 1/2 size to 37.5 (or US 7.5).

I have a medium width foot and these fit me very well. I wouldn’t recommend these for a wide foot.

Detailed Review of the Bibi Lou Zagreb Oxfords for Women

All measurements are approximate and measured in Inches.

Size: 37 EU (6.5-7 USA)

Outsole: 9.7″

Insole: 9.6″

Heel: 1″

Widest Point of Outsole: 3.25″

Height (sides of the shoe): 2″

Wear & Tear

Unfortunately, I accidentally scuffed these the 2nd time I wore them. I rubbed them against a chair or something while wearing them out to eat. And I was also tapping my toe as I was sitting so I scuffed the front. WHY?!?! Why did I do that?!?! * crying emoji *

Can you repair scuffed patent leather? YES by a professional leather restoration specialist or try a home patented leather repair kit from amazon

To fix patent leather scratches, it is recommended to take them to a professional shoe repair place. But you can also get Patent Leather Repair Kits for smaller scuffs and damage.

Patent leather shoes scuffs and dirt can be removed by a professional cobbler or someone who works with leather repair OR you can try doing it at home with a Patent Leather Repair Kit from amazon

So they are definitely a little more delicate than non-patent leather. BUT, they do look so much fancier than regular leather. Also patent leather can be more water resistant. They also don’t attract dirt like leather, especially suede leather.

How to Style a Classic Loafer

The Loafer is a style of shoe that’s been around for decades and it will stay on trend forever. It is definitely a style I suggest splurging on. I find myself reaching for my loafers through all seasons with so many outfits.

Because the color is neutral, it will work with any color or pattern clothing.

The shape of the toe is also timeless. It’s not too round, which can date a shoe and also make your legs look shorter if you’re petite. The super pointy-toe shoes can sometimes be unflattering and have a shorter shelf life. The Zagreb almond-shaped toe style is the most wearable from year to year.

Wear them with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses…it’s definitely a shoe that is versatile and will elevate any outfit.

Wear them without socks or with socks and pantyhose/tights. Again, you can’t go wrong.

I love the loafer style because it is “fancy” without having to wear high heeled shoes! So you look put together but won’t sacrifice comfort in the meantime.

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