The GAP x Sarah Jessica Parker Collaboration. The Rabbit Rabbit Collection from 2018.
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GAP x Sarah Jessica Parker Reversible Plaid Coat

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The GAP does a lot of collaborations with various celebrities, artists, and even fictional characters like Barbie! One of the most successful collaborations was with legendary Sex and The City Actress Sarah Jessica Parker! Check out this overview of one of the best-selling pieces from the collection which launched in 2018! Read all about the GAP x Sarah Jessica Parker Reversible Plaid Coat for Kids!

Check out my YouTube video above for a quick “tour” of this jacket. My son wore it A LOT! It is high quality, durable and fashionable too.

The Gap x Sarah Jessica Parker SJP Plaid Puffer Jacket with Hood in Blue and green print

The GAP x SJP Fully Reversible Plaid Coat Overview

The GAP collection for stylish kids from Sarah Jessica Parker features a navy and green plaid puffer jacket that is fully reversible.The Gap x SJP RABBIT RABBIT New York Reversible Letterman Jacket for Kids / Boys
One side is a puffer jacket in navy & green. The reverse is a cotton letterman-style jacket with a rabbit logo.

This warm coat truly IS fully reversible. Honestly, no details were overlooked. This jacket feels high-end at a low GAP price. Very impressive! I wish all GAP items were so luxurious.

Gap x Sarah Jessica Parker Fully Reversible Winter Coat for Little Kids Boys size 5 Toddler

The hood, the pockets, the banding, the zipper – EVERYTHING looks “right” whether worn on the plaid or grey side.

The GAP x Sarah Jessica Parker FULLY Reversible Kids Winter Coat Puffer and Letterman Jacket Options. Even the Banding at the wrist and waist are fully reversible and different on each side.

The hood of this jacket is a lightweight cotton, it is NOT waterproof or suitable for cold days. It is identical on both sides when reversed.

GAP Kids x Sarah Jessica Parker SJP Collaboration Collection. Fully Reversible Little Boys Plaid Rabbit Rabbit Coat.

The zipper is heavy-duty and sturdy metal. The zip pull turns all the way around so you can easily close the jacket for your little one while they are wearing it on either side.

The zipper is also smooth and easy to operate for slightly older kids.

Details of the Plaid Puffer Coat Side

The GAP has many options for puffer coats for kids, toddlers, and babies.

The GAP Fully Reversible Green and Navy Blue Checkered Plaid Puffer Coat by Sarah Jessica Parker

Most of them are fairly plain but this one stands out and I truly wish the GAP would come out with more trendy, high-quality items – I would be willing to pay a little bit more.

Gap x Sarah Jessica Parker Reversible Navy / Green Puffer Jacket with Rabbit Rabbit Logo - close up on the plaid pattern

The navy blue/green plaid puffer side features a water-resistant, nylon fabric body with cotton blend banding.

This fabric will keep out water for the most part but it will not keep your little one dry in a downpour or excessive play-time in snow.

Great outfit for 5 year old playing in the California snow - GAP puffer, Nununu Rain boots, Aviator Nation Kids sweatpants, and cashmere beanie

Outfit Details: Oliver is almost exactly 5 years old, of average height, and very slender. Grey Beanie with Ears from The Bonnie Mob (similar), The GAP x SJP Puffer Jacket (sold out), Aviator Nation Sweatpants (similar), NuNuNu Rainboots (sold out), Lightning McQueen Kids/Toddler Gloves

For lighter rain and lighter snow, it will work though. In the photos of my son, Oliver, wearing the jacket he is 5 years old (almost exactly).

The Gap x Sarah Jessica Parker Puffer Plaid Winter Coat Back View

The back of the jacket is just a plaid design with no graphics.

Details of the Rabbit Rabbit Letterman Jacket Side

Oliver never wore the jacket with the Rabbit Rabbit Letterman side. There’s no reason for it at all it just worked out that way.

The GAP Kids Collaboration with SJP features a fully reversible Rabbit Rabbit Letterman Collegiate Jacket / Winter Puffer Coat

The front of the jacket is a heathered grey cotton blend fabric. The banding around the waist and wrists is white with navy stripes. This side of the jacket has a collegiate look and feel.

GAP x Sarah Jessica Parker Kids / Toddler Boys Reversible Letterman Jacket with Collegiate Navy White Stripes and Cotton Body

The hood, which is the same on both sides, matches the grey side of the jacket. The hood is lightweight and for colder and wetter weather, your little one will need a hat as the hood won’t keep them warm.

The GAP Kids Cotton Blend Letterman Jacket with Lining and Hood.

Slit, side pockets at the waist. Reversible, full-length zipper closure. While the jacket is worn on this side out, the interior is the navy/green plaid puffer side.

GAP x Sarah Jessica Parker Reversible Rabbit Rabbit Jacket for Kids / Toddler Boys

The back of the jacket features a bunny rabbit in motion. The words “Rabbit Rabbit” along with the GAP New York logo. Check out this article about why “Rabbit Rabbit” is so close to Sarah Jessica Parker’s heart.

The Gap makes quality kids clothing at a good price

This graphic is done in white print and it is in perfect condition.

GAP Rabbit Rabbit NEW YORK Reversible Toddler Jacket

It held up beautifully especially since when we washed the jacket this side was on the outside (and the puffer part was on the inside).

Measurements, Fit, Wear & Tear

Measurements and Fit

This exact coat is a size 5 (for 5-year-olds). My son, who just turned 7 in March 2024, has worn it from the time he was 4 years old (pictured below at age 4 1/2) until he was ALMOST 7.

What Should a Toddler / Little Kid Wear While Hiking the Lake Arrowhead Heart Rock Trail

Oliver’s outfit details: Gap x SJP Coat (sold out), Kids Purple Scarf (similar), Zara Fleece Lined Nylong Pants (similar), Keen Targhee Hiking Shoes (photo taken in Big Bear, CA)

This past December when he was almost 7 was the last time he wore it. It still fit him pretty well but the sleeves were getting a bit too short and the overall length was slightly too short to keep him warm.

As a reference, Oliver is about 48″ tall and very slender at age 7.

Measurements of the GAP puffer jacket for little kids / toddlers size 5 5t for five year olds.

The actual measurements for this exact puffer jacket. All measurements were taken with it lying flat. All measurements are approximate and in inches.

Size: 5 (Little kid, fit my child from the age of 4 to almost 7)

Armpit to Armpit: 15 1/2″

Sleeve Length (from shoulder seam to wrist): 14″

Sleeve Length (from armpit to wrist): 10 1/2″

Hemline Width: 14 1/4″ (is slightly stretchy)

Total Length from Neckline to Hemline: 16 1/2″

GAP x Sarah Jessica Parker SJP Collab Puffer Coat RABBIT RABBIT Collection

Wear and Tear

As far as wear and tear, I think I can speak honestly to this because we have owned this coat for so many years and my son has worn it day in and day out on vacations and to school.

The nylon plaid puffer side is in great condition considering it is the ONLY side Oliver wore the coat on. The colors barely faded; they are still very vibrant. The texture is smooth and the stitches have held up wonderfully. The quilting of the jacket is still “puffy”.

Damage of the banding on the GAP Puffer Coat for kids

The cotton blend banding does show some color fading and piling but nothing much.

GAP Puffer coat shows wear and tear on the cotton blend banding

The size/fabric content tag was impossible to cut out without leaving a small white portion of it which began to fray. I think if you are careful and use a seam ripper tool it may be cleaned up a little bit.

Close up of the banding wear and tear on the GAP Puffer jacket for kids
GAP Puffer Coat Damage on the Puffs and Size / Fabric Content Tag Fraying

There is another area where there is a small rip. It is located above the pocket with the fraying size/fabric tag.

Not sure what happened there but it must have gotten snagged on something. I have not tried to fix it but it appears it COULD be fixable if you have the skills (which I do not).

The Rabbit Rabbit Letterman Jacket side looks almost new. This is impressive because we always washed the jacket with the grey side on the outside.

Rabbit rabbit jacket with banding

My son never wore it with the Rabbit side on the outside, he always wore it as a puffer coat.

The GAP Grey Letterman Jacket for Toddler boys

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Price & Discounts

I believe the retail price of this GAP x Sarah Jessica Parker Rabbit Rabbit / Plaid Puffer Reversible coat was around $78 in 2018. This style SOLD OUT so fast that I wasn’t able to purchase it directly from The GAP. So I went hunting for it on eBay. I was able to purchase it brand new with tags from an eBay seller for $80 with shipping.

Collage of images of the GAP x Sarah Jessica Parker Rabbit Rabbit Reversible Letterman Jacket and Plaid Puffer Coat

Where to Buy GAP Kids Outerwear NEW & Second-Hand

I am selling THIS exact coat on all my favorite re-sale sites so, take a look, make me an offer, and score a good deal. All proceeds from my sales go to keep this blog alive. As a stay-at-home mom, the Malibu Karina Blog has been an amazing creative outlet and hopefully a helpful resource for my readers.

GAP By SJP Puffer coat Close up on the puffy quilting

Purchase this GAP x SJP Coat on these Websites

Kidizen – My favorite website to purchase 2nd hand kids items! Grab this jacket here.

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Purchase SIMILAR Coats from The Gap, Gap Factory Outlet, and Old Navy

Purchase The Gap Kids Outerwear Second-Hand

Want to save even more money? Try purchasing second-hand. It’s good for your wallet and the environment. KIDIZEN has a ton of GAP coats and jackets starting at low prices.

Another great place is the OG of second-hand, eBay. There are many GAP Coats & Jackets at various price points and conditions.

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