Some reviews and overviews of some of the best toys for infants, toddlers, kindergarteners and young kids aged 7 and under.

  • Thomas & Friends Railway Pals Train Set for Baby to Toddler age 1 to 5. Entire collection - ALL sets included.
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    The Best Thomas & Friends Train Set for Toddlers

    Please note this blog post is currently being written (as of 6/11/2024) please check back to see the completed post soon! The complete Thomas & Friends My First Railway Pals set! This has been retired for a few years now but it is still SO great! Hopefully, Fisher-Price will bring it (or something similar) back. It truly is the best Thomas & Friends train set for toddlers. Fortunately, you can still purchase most of these sets on the second-hand market (new or used). This useful and concise Wiki article has in-depth details on when this set was produced (and discontinued), what locomotives were included, what sets were available, what “goofs”…

  • LEGO City 60381 Advent Calendar with Turkey, Cat, Mr and Mrs Santa Claus and More. A great gift to count down to Christmas with your Kindergartener 1st Grader or 2nd Grader
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    Lego City is the Best Advent Calendar for Kids

    We’ve been getting the Lego City advent calendar for our six-year-old son for the past 3 years and this year, again, it was a huge hit! The only bad thing about it is that it sells out fast! It is the most popular of all the Lego Advent Calendars. So plan on snagging it in early to mid-November so you are ready on December 1st. Every year the individual Lego pieces are different but the idea is the same. There are some little builds, and some interesting pieces like a turkey, video game controller, pony, and carrot. There is always a nice amount of minifigs too! It’s quite a great…