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  • Junie B. Jones 17 Book Collection of Kindergarten Complete Works Paperback books in a Cardboard cover
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    Junie B. Jones Complete Kindergarten Collection

    This 17-book collection of Junie B. Jones adventures is perfect to read throughout the kindergarten year! This set includes stories about some of the milestones that happen in early childhood including riding the school bus, navigating conflict with other kindergarteners, first crushes, field day, and graduation. Where to Buy… We are avid (children’s book) readers. So we are always cycling through Oliver’s collection. He JUST graduated kindergarten (wow where does the time go?!) so we are selling this entire box set on all your favorite re-sale websites. Hope someone can give these amazing books a second home. I am selling them on these sites: Poshmark: Includes a video of the…

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    18 Summer Activities for Kindergarteners of Work-from-Home Parents

    Many moms, dads, and caregivers work from home (WFH). Either because of the change of times that allow for remote work, supplementing their partner’s income, or doing a side hustle while raising children. Keep your little ones busy with these 18 Summer Activities for Kindergarteners of Work-from-Home Parents (and caregivers). Of course, there are the obvious summer activities that get the kids out of the house such as summer school, summer camp, or grandma’s house but sometimes those are not viable options especially if summer programs are not available in your area, or they are too expensive and family doesn’t live nearby. Read on to get inspired to keep your…