Obermeyer Tuscany II Ski Jacket Comes in Petite Sizes and fits short curvy frames beautifully.
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Obermeyer Tuscany II Jacket is Perfect for Petites

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Obermeyer Petite Tuscany II Jacket in Grey and Black

I have never heard of Obermeyer and found them while searching for “Petite Winter Coats” on Zappos.com. This jacket fits my 5′ curvy frame surprisingly well. The Obermeyer Tuscany II jacket is perfect for petites. Hope you enjoy this review, and overview, with try-on photos, product shots, and videos.

I ended up purchasing the grey version and the black version in different sizes to see which one worked better, even though I do not like black coats I really liked the shape and short silhouette of the Tuscany II style. If you purchase a little bit before winter, there are many color options available! Including prints, color block combinations, and neutral and vibrant solid colors.

The other factor I took into consideration when purchasing this jacket without knowing much about this brand, is that the Tuscany jacket is one of Obermeyer’s core styles which comes back season after season. This leads me to believe it is classic and timeless and will not be out of style for many winter seasons to come.

This Obermeyer Tuscany II jacket is perfect for petites but there are many other options as well. If you are looking for more petite winter coats and jackets, browse over to this blog post where I try on and review this jacket along with a few others.

Where to Buy the Obermeyer PETITE Size Winter Coats and Jackets:

Dicks Sporting Goods Store


Mountain Steals



St. Bernard

Sun & Ski Sports

Buy New and second-hand on eBay

Obermeyer: German-engineered and Stylish Ski Apparel

Klaus Obermeyer founded Sport Obermeyer in 1947. In fact, Klaus came to the United States as an immigrant from Germany. Because of his absolute passion for skiing Klaus is credited with many advancements in fashion for skiers. He is an inventor of many items including what today we know as the down ski parka, high altitude suntan lotion, turtlenecks, nylon wind shirts, mirrored sunglasses, the boot fit press, and much much more! These items were invented for comfort AND style on the Aspen ski slopes.

The brand’s website has a nice About Us page that has some cool photos and videos. You can get more details about this intriguing engineer, fashion designer, inventor, and lifelong skier here.

Exterior Features of the Petite Obermeyer Tuscany II Jacket

Without a doubt, the classic Tuscany II jacket exterior will never go out of style. It is simple, well made, and the petite version fits impeccably. This jacket is great for every day or for hitting the slopes. It’s truly versatile and comes in many colors and prints. The jacket has plenty of storage (inside and out). Topped off with excellent Obermeyer quality. Ski-ready features with everyday wearability. I am not a skier at all and found this jacket to be beyond perfect for hitting the town instead of the slopes. I really loved how simple and classic the design is. There is a noticeable focus on quality in the Obermeyer jackets (versus some of the other coats I reviewed). Well-fitting, quality jacket for quite an affordable price.

Front Closure

The front closes with a beautiful full-length zipper that matches the exterior gray color. The zipper is molded plastic instead of metal so it can withstand colder temperatures and it can handle wet weather such as rain and snow. Molded plastic zippers are also less prone to corrosion after being exposed to harsh weather. These zippers are also a lot more pliable so they conform to the garment and are a lot lighter than metal zippers.

Obermeyer uses YKK zippers which are the premier in quality and durability. YKK zippers glide easier, stay zipped up, and have a tighter seal that will keep wind/water out more effectively. YKK is a true industry leader in zippers. The fact that Obermeyer has these zippers on their garments means that they spared no cost. Rest assured the zipper on this jacket will be reliable for years to come.

Want to learn more about YKK zippers? Do a Google search for YKK zippers or check out their Wikipedia page which has a ton of information.

Finally, along with the high-quality, smooth zipper, there is a storm flap that seals the zipper with velcro patches up and down the front. This adds another layer of warmth in the cold winter weather.

Faux Fur Hood

All Obermeyer items use faux fur. The hood on the Tuscany II jacket has a coyote faux fur border around it. Faux fur is more durable than real fur and doesn’t require special cleaners. The faux fur trim is fully removable. Remove the faux fur trim for a classic streamlined ski parka look. Sometimes you don’t need the hood this jacket is versatile enough to remove the hood completely. The hood and back of the neck on the jacket are lined with snap buttons so that removing and attaching the hood is a snap (pun intended). The stand-up collar is fleece-lined with a chin guard to provide protection against the cold. The 2-way adjustable drawcord provides coverage to keep you warm. 115gm weight through the collar and 40gm weight through the hood. Which should keep you comfortable in the snow. Learn more about what these numbers mean here.

Ever wonder what the buckle at the back of some hoods is for? It’s to adjust the size and fit of the hood! This jacket has this feature which comes in very handy when adjusting the size with and without the fur trim.

Classic Pockets and a Zipper Pass Pocket

This Obermeyer Tuscany II Jacket has the classic exterior characteristics you will find on any down winter jacket but it also has some cool unique features.

There are 2 hip pockets with a zipper closure. These zipper pockets feature zippers that are oftentimes dyed to closely match the exterior color of the coat. Unlike many winter jackets, this zipper is concealed making the pocket not that noticeable and more flush with the hips for a flattering look. The zipper pull is also pretty and not your typical zipper pull because it’s bright and shiny silver (not aged or tarnished), which makes this jacket look just a bit more luxurious.

There is also a small zip pocket Obermeyer calls the “zipper pass pocket” on the left forearm. This pocket is meant to hold your ski pass as you swoosh down the slopes. But for us non-skiers it’s a handy pocket to keep credit cards, cash, or any other small valuables.

Miscalenious Exterior Features

The Obermeyer Tuscany II jacket is perfect for petites in part because the exterior is very streamlined and simple. There is no extra bulk that can engulf us short girls.

The jacket features an embroidered demure Obermeyer “heart” logo at the chest. Another circular logo patch is sewn on the upper, left arm. The back bottom of the jacket features the Obermeyer name with the heart logo sewn on.

Lightweight Elastic Inner Cuff

Of course, the inner elastic cuff on the jacket is a nice little feature. Cover your wrist and hand with this cuff or tuck it away. It’s very soft and stretchy. It fits the hand with a hole for the thumb to keep the cuff in place.

Interior Features of the Petite Obermeyer Tuscany II Jacket

Inside Pockets and Storage

The interior of the jacket features a couple of places to store items. Features that skiers will appreciate are located inside the jacket. But these can be multipurpose if you are not a skier. On the right side of the interior is a mesh pocket that’s meant to hold your ski goggles. Of course, this can be used for other items such as electronics, wallets, or sunglasses. This pocket is a slit style with no closure for easy access to your items. The mesh is topped with a matching black border with “Obermeyer” text and the “Heart” logo.

The other interior pocket is on the right side. It is located inside where the zipper and velcro are near the edge of the front closure. The pocket itself features a zipper to keep the items secure. This pocket is perhaps meant to hold a phone or a portable music player. Above this pocket, there is a loop for wired headphones/earbuds to pass through.

Accessory Ring / Key Keeper

Clip on your keys with the accessory ring. Nothing too complicated here but a cute addition.

If this keykeeper isn’t fancy enough for you. Take a peek at North Face’s solution to keeping your keys safe (and warm). Apparently, they were a big hit because these keychains sold out everywhere. But you may be able to get it on eBay.

Adjustable Hem

The hemline is adjustable to cinch tighter or leave loose. You can adjust it with a draw cord.

Interior Wind Guard

The coat is lined and there is an extra wind guard around the zipper for extra warmth.

Ski-Related Interior Features

Most of the features are classified as ski-related but can be multi-purpose when not skiing. I will highlight some of these in this section. To be honest the ski-specific characteristics of this jacket didn’t feel cumbersome. If you want to wear the jacket as your everyday winter outerwear you won’t even notice these features.

Snap-Away Water-Resistant Powder Snow Skirt

Remove the snow skirt with snaps for a casual, streamlined fit. This feature is water resistant and helps eliminate spindrift. Being able to remove the snow skirt completely helps to eliminate the bulk around the waist and hips. Snap the snow skirt closed for extra warmth if you’re hitting the slopes. Or leave the powder skirt on for extra cold days while you’re not skiing.

Detachable Goggle Cloth

To be honest, I had NO idea what this was when the jacket arrived. But now that I know, it’s OBVIOUS and kind of genius. The detachable cloth is located inside the jacket on the right-hand side, next to the mesh snow goggle pocket. A bungee cord holds a metal claw clasp that grips the cloth in place. Use the cloth on your snow goggles, sunglasses, or reading glasses. Pretty cool feature if you are and are not a skier.

The REI website has nice photos and videos of various features of the Obermeyer Tuscany II jacket. I highly suggest you check them out before purchasing this jacket. The REI price may not be the lowest but they do provide a lot of images, videos, and information so make sure you shop around for the best price.


Obermeyer offers a few different fit styles including slim, relaxed, and regular. The Tuscany II jacket has a “Regular” fit. A regular fit means that the jacket has an active fit with room for full motion and comfort in mind. Not too tight, or too relaxed, just right! A recommended base layer of 150gm fits best under an Obermeyer jacket with a “Regular” fit. Obermeyer’s proprietary Ski Contour™ articulation offers a greater and easier range of motion around the arms and shoulders.

How does this jacket fit a curvy petite body type? Hopefully, the video I posted helps you decide on sizing. The size of this Obermeyer Tuscany II jacket is a US 8 Petite.

  • Height: 5′ even (about 138 lbs)
  • Bust: 34DD
  • Sizing: US8 / 31″ in denim
  • Body type: Short torso and long legs. Slight mommy tummy.

I am a solid size Petite Small in L.L. Bean jackets, size Medium in Zara jackets, size Large in the fitted Free People Ski Jackets, and size 8 Petite in Boden jackets.

The sleeve length along with the elastic inner cuff is the perfect length for us short girls! Sleeve length is one of the reasons to choose petite sizing for a better fit.

The overall length hits below the hip which is just perfect. The waist curves at the perfect spot around the smallest part of the waist and flares out around the hips. The back of the jacket is very flattering on the booty too!

The puffs and seams on the entire jacket are strategically placed to imitate the perfect figure which REALLY helps flattering all your curves. It hugs your curves if you have some and will give you curves if you are on the slender side.

The hood is also not overpowering even though it has fluffy faux fur. Plus the hood is adjustable via the buckle in the back.

I wish I got the jacket in a size US 10 Petite. I feel like the Obermeyer Tuscany II jacket runs small. It is especially snug on the bust, so if you are more busty definitely size up. If you are small-chested your regular size will probably work. The other area that felt snug is the tummy area but I have a bit of a mommy tummy so I wasn’t that surprised. The lesson is, if you are bustier and have a tummy, go ahead and size up 1 size. Because this is the only Obermeyer jacket I ever purchased, I do not know if the brand as a whole runs small or just this style.

And if you’re wondering why I mention the Black version of the jacket but don’t show it….. That one was a size US 6 Petite and quite frankly it just did not fit so no photos or videos were taken. LOL.

Fabric Content

HydroBlock Sport® laminate offers 10,000 mm/10,000 g of waterproof/breathable protection

150 g Thermore® synthetic insulation provides cozy warmth that’s retained even if it gets wet; 40 g in hood

HydroBlock System

Obermeyer partnered with REPREVE to create the Tuscany II from recycled plastic material.

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