the warmest puffer coat from LL Bean and it comes in petite sizes for short petites women under 5' 4" tall
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The Perfect Petite Friendly Defined Waist Winter Coat

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Purchasing a winter coat can be as daunting as buying a new bathing suit! Especially for curvy, petite frames. The L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Down Parka is the perfect petite-friendly, defined-waist winter coat! Read all about it in this detailed overview.

If you’re looking for other petite-friendly winter coats/jackets check out this blog post where I try on a few options, some work, and others are a hard “pass”.

L.L.Bean Petite Mountain Classic Down Parka

This L.L. Bean jacket is one of the best value-for-quality options that LL Bean offers.

L.L. Bean Women's Mountain Classic Down Parka Available in Petite For Us Short Girls

This coat is filled 650-fill DownTek down and encapsulated in 100% recycled polyester. Stay extra warm, dry, and cozy from hood to hem.

L.L. Bean Women's Mountain Classic Down Parka Puffer Coat in size PETITE / Petites / Short in Burgundy Great Warm Coat for under $200

What is DownTek?

Down is the best insulator for clothing ever created…..until it gets wet. The pockets of trapped air in down keep you warm but when they get wet, these air pockets deflate and *poof* goes the warmth. Rain, snow, and sweat are down’s biggest “down”-fall (pun intended). This down is made with animal welfare in mind, it is tracked down from source to final product, and is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified.

L.L. Bean Women's Mountain Classic Down Parka Insulated Jacket Coat for Petites / Petite sizing Available with DownTek | PFC-Free Water Repellent Down

Air pockets on the down clusters of DownTek do not collapse. The down water repellent (DWR) treatment creates surface tension on the filaments of the down clusters that forces the moisture molecules to bead up and roll off the down, leaving each cluster moisture-free to continue trapping warm air, thereby maintaining the ability to insulate even when exposed to water.

L.L. Bean Utilizes High Quality DownTek High Tech and Safer The BEST Insulation for Insulated Puffer Jackets for Winter Warmth That Will Keep you Dry PFC Free Water Repellent

DownTek water repellent down uses a clean chemistry C6 short-chain carbon. It is non-hazardous and non-toxic. DownTek is PFOA and PFOS-free.

L.L. Bean Mountain Puffer Parka Utilizes the High Tech Water Repellent Safe Insulation called DownTEK

For more, very detailed information, here is the DownTEK Fact Sheet.

The Details and Features

If you need more color in the dreary wintertime, opt for a coat that’s more exciting than the predictable black, like this burgundy one. The fluffy quilts are slightly larger and puffier. The parka is thicker than the L.L. Bean Ultralight 850 Down Coat and it’s slightly less fitted but it is still flattering to the figure even if you are petite and curvy.

L.L. Bean Women's Mountain Classic Down Parka with DownTEK in PETITE / Petites / Short Sizing Sizes Winter Parka with warmth water repellent and beautiful color options at an affordable cheap price.
Exterior Details and Features

The high, stand-up collar protects the neck from cold.

L.L. Bean Women's Mountain Classic Down Parka, Colorblock Burgundy size PETITE Short Petites Stand Up Collar to Keep Neck Warm with High Quality Heavyweight Metal Zipper and Snap Buttons Closure Best Warm Winter Puffer Coat for Petites Short Women Girls 5'4" and under

The thick, down-filled hood features drawcords to cinch in place and it is fully removable via metal snaps in the back.

L.L. Bean Removable Hood on the Mountain Classic Winter Coat Snap Buttons
L.L. Bean Winter coat with snap buttons removable hood
L.L. Bean Women's Mountain Classic Down Parka Insulated Hood with High Collar Zipper and Snap Button Closure with Bungee Cord To Keep the Hood Secure and Snug these come in Petite / Petites / Short Sizes

L.L. Bean designed this parka with double nylon overlays to reinforce the shoulders. Because this jacket has the set-in sleeve style, as opposed to a raglan style, the extra seam support is a practical addition. Check out the L.L. Bean Ultralight 850 Down collection if you are looking for the raglan-style sleeve.

LL Bean Mountain Classic Parka Puffer in size Petite Small Medium XS SP PM PL Plus size short girl fashion

Continuing down the sleeve, this coat features elastic at the wrists but wait, there’s more, the elastic partners up with a snap button closure.

L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Puffer Coat for Petites The BEST Fitting Winter Quilted Coat for Short Petite Women

The shape of this parka is less form-fitting than other L.L. Bean styles but it does have figure-enhancing seams and quilts.

Back view of the L.L. Bean LL Bean Women's Mountain Classic Down Parka in Burgundy Red Size Petite Small PS Petties Short Item # TA505979

The “belt” shaped quilting at the waist does wonders for your figure!

L.L. Bean Petites Women's Mountain Classic Down Parka in Burgundy Flare Shape with Smaller Waist Form Fitting and Flattering Winter Coat

Shhh…. there’s also a secret bungee cord on the inside that can be used to cinch the waist, more on that later.

There’s nothing worse than having a coat or jacket that does NOT have pockets… yes those DO exist! This coat’s pockets are one of the distinguishing features because there are two sections to the hip pockets.

LL Bean Petite Winter Coat Mountain Classic Puffer in petites short sizing sizes Lots of pockets and will keep you warm in the winter months for under $200

On the exterior, there is a golden snap button but reach inside and you will find that the snap pockets also feature a hidden zipper closure portion.

L.L. Bean Women's Mountain Classic Down Parka Item # TA505979 in size PETITE Short Petites The BEST Fitting Thick Winter Coats for Petite Figures

The other portion of this jacket that features snap AND zipper closure is the front.

Gold LL Bean Embossed Snap Buttons

The all-metal zipper and metal storm flap snap buttons, with “L.L. Bean” embossing, line the entire length of the parka.

L.L. Bean Front View of the Mountain Classic Petite Size Coat in Burgundy Red. Heavy duty metal zipper and snap button front closure. High collar and downTEK water repellant puffer fill new with Tags

The zipper has a bungee chord attached.

L.L. Bean Sunrise over Katahdin Logo Mountain Classic Puffer Winter Coat in Non Black Burgundy Red Pink Purple Color and Petite Size for Petites Short Girls under 5' Tall Under 5' 4" tall

It is fitting that this Mountain “Classic” parka features the “classic” L.L. Bean Mt. Katahdin patch logo.

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The L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Range

The “Mountain” line at L.L. Bean is their good quality, low-price line with this parka along with other coats, jackets, vests, shoes, and accessories for women, men, children, and pets (yes, pets).

LL Bean Mountain Classic Parka Jacket Coat Boots Dog Vest Duffle Bag and the entire Range
Interior Details and Features

L.L. Bean’s best value down parka is definitely not cheap or lower grade than its pricier counterparts. The quality is impeccable and the practical features make it a great basic go-to winter coat. The most important feature is that this Mountain Classic parka is packed with extra warm, water-repelling 650-fill DownTek from hood to hem!

The interior fabric is made out of recycled polyester and it is superior at keeping water and cold out. The lining of this coat is a beautiful silver-grey color with the faded L.L. Bean mountain logo throughout.

A hanging loop made out of the same bungee that the zipper pulls and cinch cords are made out of can be used to hang the coat on a hook or coat rack when a hanger isn’t available.

The sizing and other information are printed on the interior of the coat so there are no pesky tags to irritate.

The left portion of the coat features an interior zipper closure pocket near the chest area. The pocket is a nice size to store a phone, card holder, tissues, or earbuds.

L.L. Bean Features interior zipper pocket big enough for a cellphone, earbuds and other things to keep safe in the winter months. Most LL Bean coats come in petite sizes that fit very well women 5'4" and under 5' 4'11"

Finally, there is a hidden interior adjustable drawcord belt to cinch for that extra hourglass figure.

L.L. Bean makes the best winter coats for Petites / Short girls They are flattering and include a hidden elastic inside the coat to be cinched to give you an hourglass figure enhancing flared shape.

Since the coat does not have any stretch to it, using this “belt” can really give a more flattering look or be let out if you’re wearing a lot of bulky layers.

Sizing, Comfort Rating, and Care for the L.L. Bean Petite Mountain Classic Down Parka

Size Small Petite Sizing Info and Measurements

The size I opted for was Small Petite and it fits really beautifully. As a reference I am 5’0″ tall and weigh about 135 lbs, I have a short torso and long legs, and a 34DD bust. I could have probably sized up to a size Medium Petite and it would still fit well. If you live in a cooler climate (I am in California), sizing up might be a good idea so you can layer with thick sweaters and hoodies for extra warmth. The sleeve length is especially petite friendly and it’s pretty similar between a size small petite or medium petite.

LL Bean Petite Mountain Classic Women's Puffer Quilted Winter Coat with Cinched Waist and Fits a Petite Frame Petites Short Sizing

Exact measurements of this parka coming soon, please check back!

L.L. Bean considers Petite sizes to fit women who are 5’3″ (160 cm) and under.

LL Bean Mountain Classic Parka Wearability and Comfort Rating

This L.L. Bean Parka is the epitome of what a classic parka looks like and what purpose it serves in cold, winter weather. The 650-fill DownTEK down is a great insulator that will keep you warm even when the weather is snowy or rainy. Parkas rated 500 or more fill power are appropriate for winter so this one fits the bill perfectly and is budget-friendly. The feel of this jacket is much bulkier than the L.L. Bean Ultralight 850 Down Coat and Jacket. But, it is still very wearable, comfortable, and most importantly, warm.

I wore this jacket with a long-sleeved thermal shirt (from Michael Stars) on a dreary, misty day in March in Cambria, CA. The temperature was about 46-48 degrees Fahrenheit (7-9 degrees Celsius) with wind, clouds, and light rain. We definitely didn’t pick the right time to go on vacation! LOL.

L.L. Bean Unzipped Mountain Classic PETITE Size Burgundy Coat Review Overview Should I Buy It Advice

I was really toasty the length of the jacket is really great to keep you warm, the high collar and plush insulation fight the rough, ocean wind. The poly shell is nice to the touch and not very “swishy” and will keep light to medium rain (and snow) from absorbing. Overall, I loved having this jacket for cold California weather. Wearing this coat made me feel cute and comfortable and it was definitely keeping me warm while walking around Cambria, CA. I got warm whilst hiking in this coat so I had to unzip the front. If you are planning on wearing this coat while hiking in 45 or so degrees Fahrenheit you could probably wear a thin long-sleeve tee or a short-sleeve tee and be comfortable. I should mention I was also wearing Athleta insulated leggings, Pact organic cotton socks, and a Free People slouchy beanie hat so I was super toasty!

Caring for your L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Parka

Keeping the L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Parka looking nice and clean is easy! Everything is machine washable and machine dryable! Personally, I tumble this coat in cool air for a little bit then I hang it up to finish drying on a dry rack (inside or outside – weather permitting). This coat dries VERY fast! Not as fast as the L.L. Bean Ultralight 850 Down Coat but pretty fast nonetheless. I find that air drying extends the life of my clothing items and keeps the colors vibrant and helps hold their original shape better. Plus this way I save on electricity costs too!

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L.L. Bean Classic Mountain Down Winter Coat Review, Overview with Try On Photos and Measurements Where to Buy and IF to Buy this jacket that fits petite frames very well

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Invest in Wooden Coat Hangers

Another quick tip to keep your coats looking good and keeping their shape is to invest in good, quality, coat hangers.

Keep your winter coats looking great and invest in these affordable wooden coat hangers which are thick and heavy duty from Amazon.

Say goodbye to unsightly shoulder creases with these high-quality, affordable, wooden coat hangers. They come in dark walnut color, natural light wood color, and even cedar!

Invest in wooden hangers for your winter coats. Opt for thicker hangers to keep your puffer coat looking great. Check out the difference between regular wood hangers and heavy duty coat hangers.

Check out this photo that shows a regular, wimpy hanger versus the heavy-duty coat hanger. No contest!

The L.L. Bean Petite Mountain Classic Down Parka was a KEEPER!

Truth be told, I may be addicted to this maroon wine color. So it is no surprise that I kept this jacket. Not sure I need 2 very similar, same-color jackets from the same brand in my closet. But alas, I kept this one and the L.L. Bean Ultralight 850 Down Coat in a very similar color.

the warmest puffer coat from LL Bean and it comes in petite sizes for short petites women under 5' 4" tall

If this coat cost the same last Ultralight 850 Down Coat, I would probably pick the Ultralight 850, hands down. But this parka cost just about $100 less than the Ultralight 850 Hooded Coat so I decided to keep both because the price was REALLY good (and I even bought this at full price). Please note this price is from 2022 and can fluctuate as the years go by. Check the current price by visiting the official L.L. Bean website.

LL Bean Petite Mountain Classic Down Collection Coat in size S PET Tags when this cost $179.00 now with inflation it is $199.00 probably costs more as years go by

This coat is also very flattering and as a petite woman, it’s tough to find well-fitting parkas. Especially for me, I have a short neck and many coats have such high necklines that I drown in them. The sleeve length is also a problem many times and this coat’s sleeves are PERFECT. So, I kept this one because it truly made me feel good wearing it. And, just between you and me, I am not a fan of plain black coats…so boring!

This coat checks all the important checkboxes. The color is absolutely stunning, the cut and puffer style is forever a classic, it keeps you warm and toasty AND the price is totally reasonable. Highly recommended!

L.L. Bean’s Sustainability Efforts

L.L. Beans’ commitment to high-quality products makes them last longer so fewer end up in landfills. Most L.L. Bean coats and jackets are produced with at least 20% of recycled materials. The company’s goal is to eliminate the use of PFAS (forever chemicals) by 2024. 100% of all down used in their products is responsibly farmed. They have updated their corporate offices and flagship store to utilize environmentally friendly products such as electric car chargers. Much much more to come from L.L. Bean as they strive to provide long-lasting products produced with sustainable methods, and fair employment practices and created from recycled materials.

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