LEGO City 60381 Advent Calendar with Turkey, Cat, Mr and Mrs Santa Claus and More. A great gift to count down to Christmas with your Kindergartener 1st Grader or 2nd Grader
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Lego City is the Best Advent Calendar for Kids

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We’ve been getting the Lego City advent calendar for our six-year-old son for the past 3 years and this year, again, it was a huge hit! The only bad thing about it is that it sells out fast! It is the most popular of all the Lego Advent Calendars.

The Best Advent Calendar for Little Kids is from LEGO. Can't go wrong with the most popular version the LEGO CITY advent calendar. Countdown to Christmas with Lego minifigs, small builds, and Mrs and Mr Santa Claus

So plan on snagging it in early to mid-November so you are ready on December 1st.

Every year the individual Lego pieces are different but the idea is the same. There are some little builds, and some interesting pieces like a turkey, video game controller, pony, and carrot. There is always a nice amount of minifigs too! It’s quite a great deal on Lego as it is priced very well.

6 Year Old Kid Opening day 1 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar. The first day of the advent calendar is always exciting!

Let’s dive into the 2023 version of the calendar! Join our family as we open each door from December 1st to December 24th.

Where to Purchase the LEGO City Advent Calendar


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LEGO City Advent Calendar Day-by-Day Surprises

Click on a day to view that day’s Lego surprise!

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4

Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8

Day 9Day 10Day 11Day 12

Day 13Day 14 – Day 15 – Day 16

Day 17 – Day 18 – Day 19 – Day 20

Day 21 – Day 22 – Day 23 – Day 24

The LEGO City Advent Calendar Day #1 1st of December First Door Opened is a Skiing Snowman with a helmet, ski goggles and blue skis!

Each day has a new build, it can be something simple as a minifig or a little bit more complicated like a reindeer. Sometimes a build in one day can be “connected” to a build at a later day. For example, train cars, one can be found in one day and the rest can be strewn around on different days. These builds are typically very simple and take just 5 or so minutes to complete.

Opening the lego city advent calendar door. It is a perforated flap with the day number on the front and the instructions on the back. All pieces come in a plastic bag.

The instructions are printed on the reverse side of the “door”. So the front has the day number and when you open it you see what is inside and the instructions are printed on the reverse.

Day 6 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar What's Behind door number six? An ice sculpture of a bird.

All the pieces come in a clear plastic bag. There are extra pieces too which is useful in case you lose a piece or two (which is bound to happen with little kids) or if you want to use these pieces with your existing Lego collection.

Day #1: The Skiing Snowman

Day 1 Lego City Advent Calendar is a snowman on skis it comes with instructions on the door flap and some extra pieces

We start with a good one! The most adorable snowman on skis. My son, Oliver who is 6 put it together in a flash.

Building the Lego City Advent Calendar The Day 1 Build is a Snowman on Skis with a Helmet Goggles and Wood Branch Arms a perfect start to countdown to Christmas day

There are so many details on this small and quick build. A ski helmet and goggles, a red scarf, and cool blue skis. The snowman even comes with Lego tree branches for arms!

Cute Lego Skiing Snowman Build with a snow helmet and ski goggles and the cutest red scarf. Blue skis and Lego wooden Branches as arms top it off.

Day #2: Santa Crossing Sign

Day 2 Santa Crossing Deer Crossing LEGO City Build Advent Calendar 2nd Door. Happy Holidays Merry Christmas Lego is the best gift for kids

The second day build was slightly smaller than the 1st. It was of a “Santa Crossing” sign. It includes a custom sign that has a drawing of snowflakes, Santa Claus, his sleigh, and a reindeer.

Day 2 LEGO City Advent Calendar is a Santa Claus sleigh and reindeer crossing pole sign. Keep santa safe as he travels!

Keep Santa safe as he rushes on Christmas Eve with this adorable Santa Crossing pole sign.

Day 2 of the Lego CITY Advent Calendar is a Santa Crossing Pole Sign to keep Santa Claus and Rudolph Safe while they deliver presents on Christmas Eve

Day #3: A Reindeer (add a Red Nose and He’s Rudolph)

The LEGO City Advent Calendar Day 3 is a Reindeer Just add a Red Nose and He Becomes Rudolph

The reindeer build was a success! A little more involved than the Day 2 Santa Crossing Sign. My 6-year-old put it together in about 5 minutes. The little legs were a little bit tough to assemble as they fell off when Oliver tried to play with the reindeer but overall joyous surprise!

Day 3 reindeer lego advent calendar just add a red nose to make Rudolph

The Day 1 Skiing Snowman came with an extra red circular piece so we used it to give this reindeer a red nose. Here comes Rudolph! Of course that sparked an impromptu rendition of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer which Oliver sang and sang and sang again.

Turning the Day 3 LEGO advent calendar reindeer into Rudolph by adding a red nose to the build

Day #4: Hockey Player Minifigure

Lego CITY Advent Calendar Door by Door Surprise Review Open it with us! Day 4 has a Hockey Player Minifig Minifigure with Hockey Pucks Stick and Shoulderpads

Day 4 had a Minifig which is always exciting! In the advent calendar, even the minifigures don’t come assembled.

Day 4 Lego Advent Calendar City Version is a Hockey Player Minifigure MiniFig with Hockey stick and two 2 pucks

This Hockey Player was simple to put together. He had all the hockey gear! It even came with a hockey stick and 2 hockey pucks. He is ready to play with all his safety gear on including a helmet, goggles, and shoulder pads.

His skates make it a tiny bit harder to have him stand up but it wasn’t a hindrance for my son.

Day #5: Ice Hockey Goal & “Stanley” Cup Trophy

Lego City Advent Calendar Day #5 Fifth Day follows 4th day with the Ice Hockey Goal Post and Gold Stanley Cup Trophy

Interestingly, the Ice Hockey Goal and Trophy followed the Ice Hockey Player Minifigure! How convenient! Ready to play an impromptu game of Hockey?

Doors #4 and #5 were a big hit so far! My son built the goal in no time. Oliver was able to use his imagination while playing with the Hockey Player minifigure scoring goals through the Ice Hockey Goal Posts and “winning” the big, golden trophy cup.

Day 5 LEGO City Advent Calendar 2023 Ice Hockey Goal with Gold Stanley Cup that the Hockey Minifigure can Hold and WIN

It’s nice to see LEGOs helping with motor skills, engineering, and spatial recognition as well as sparkling playing pretend.

Day #6: Ice Sculpture of a Bird

Day 6 Lego City Christmas Holiday Advent Calendar Translucent Blue Bird Ice Sculpture Elegant and Unexpected

To be absolutely honest. I had no idea that this was a bird statue. But Oliver recognized it right away!

Day 6 Transparent Blue Ice Sculpture on Pedestal of a Bird Lego CITY Advent Calendar Countdown

Now that we know it’s a bird, it’s pretty obvious. The blue translucent pieces look pretty cool and quite frankly resemble ice pretty closely. An innovative way to make Legos look like an ice sculpture.

Day 6 LEGO City Advent Calendar Countdown with translucent blue blocks that look like an ice sculpture of a bird

Day #7: Ice Sculptor Artist

LEGO City Advent Calendar minifigs Day 7 Ice Sculptor Artist Carver Minifig Minifigure Figurine with hammer and chainsaw Goggles

Another minifig! This little artist follows the ice sculpture from Day 6. The two go hand in hand as she is the creator of the bird ice sculpture.

Day 7 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar 7th Door Revealed a Minifig Ice Sculpture Artist Lady with a Chainsaw and Hammer

It was fun to pretend to carve out the ice statue.

Day #8: Lamp Post

Day 8 LEGO City Advent calendar has an black outdoor lamp post with 2 transparent yellow lights

The 8th door had an outdoor lamp post—one of Oliver’s favorites. My son is really drawn to the translucent/transparent Lego pieces.

The lamp post is all black with transparent yellow “lights”. Easy and quick to build.

The most fun advent calendar for kids is definitely the LEGO one! We especially love the Lego CITY advent calendar year after year.

Day #9: Caroler

Day 9 LEGO City Advent Calendar is... drumroll please... The Caroler with a black robe and candle! It is a minifig build ready to welcome Christmas and the Holidays.

Seems that the LEGO Advent Calendars come with a TON of Minifigures! The ninth day revealed a Christmas Carol Singer. She is a pretty cool figurine because of her detailed facial expression. Her eyes closed with a smile – looks beautifully like she is singing a festive tune.

Day 9 Caroler Christmas Carols Singer Gospel with Candle and a black gown LEGO Minifigure Advent Calendar

She is holding a white candle with a “flame”. The other thing that we thought was pretty unique is that her legs don’t move because she is wearing a gown/dress. I’m not a LEGO aficionado but I’ve never seen that!

Day 10 Brick Fireplace with Transparent LEGO Logs CITY Yule Time Log Advent Calendar

Day #10: Fireplace

My 6-year-old son, Oliver, absolutely loved this build. It seems like there’s a pattern: if there are transparent pieces – he loves them.

Wow Lego fireplace build with transparent fire pieces, logs and bricks

This build didn’t disappoint with translucent “fire burning logs” in the fireplace.

Day 10 LEGO City Advent Calendar with Desirable Transparent Translucent Pieces Fireplace with chimney bricks and fake fire amazing Christmas gift

Besides the cool multi-colored, transparent “fire”, this build also features smoke stacks and neat Lego bricks that look like masonry bricks.

Day #11: Gamer Minifig

Opening Day 11 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar where we find a mini fig video gamer boy

The Lego Video Gamer Minifigure is one of Oliver’s favorite figurines. Perhaps it’s because the little guy reminds Oliver of Daddy! LOL.

Day 11 LEGO City Advent Calendar is a Video Gamer Minifig Minifigure Person Figure with PS controller, turquoise Beats headphones, cool hair and a cool outfit.

This Minifig just looks cool. From the spiked hair to the cool tee, hoodie, and “jeans”. Mr. Gamer also comes with “Beats by Dre” reminiscent turquoise headphones and a black video game controller that looks a lot like the Playstation one (wireless and all). This build comes with an extra set of headphones.

Day 11 LEGO City Advent Calendar Build in a Plastic Bag with the Instructions flap / door of the gamer lego guy

Shows the sign of the times by having this cool dude in the Lego City Advent Calendar. Growing up, the figures I had were truly BORING and all looked pretty much the same.

Day #12: Office Desk with Laptop

Day 12 LEGO City Advent Calendar 2023 Behind door #12 is a game set up desk for video gaming gamer OR perhaps its a set up for working from home WFH office its a desk with a laptop computer, a mouse and of course the mandatory red coffee cup / mug

Day 12 possibly goes hand in hand with the Gamer minifig from day 11. This little build could be a workstation for a home office or a gamer’s dream setup!

The day 12 build is a sturdy and stylish desk. On top of it, there is a laptop computer with an adjustable screen and a keyboard. A cool purple mouse on one side and a large red coffee mug on the other side.

Day #12 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar 2023 Had a tiny build of a desk some say it's a gamers set up of a laptop or computer a purple mouse and of course a huge red mug of coffee or maybe tea or something stronger

This build was a hit with Oliver because his dad, Brian, works from home and can be found at his desk for many hours of the day. His dad has a fancy mouse and a coffee mug warmer for his drinks just like this setup. Oliver used the Gamer Minifig from day 11 to have him “work” at the desk just like Daddy.

Oliver also speculated that day 13 SHOULD be an office CHAIR, so we will see if he was right! On to day 13!

Day 13 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar Behind Door number thirteen is ... an office chair

Day #13: Swivel Office Chair for Gaming or Working on the Computer

AND… Oliver’s hunch was correct! Behind door number 13 is an Office Chair! I have seen it called a Gamer Chair or an Office Chair.

Day 13 LEGO City Video Game Swivel Neon Green Computer Office Chair from the 2023 Lego City Advent Calendar

The neon lime color makes it look super cool, maybe too cool for the office so perhaps it IS a chair for gaming. Nonetheless, it completes the set nicely: Gamer Guy + Desk with Computer + Swivel Chair = Pretty Awesome Little Build!

Day 13 combines the Gamer Minifigure from Day 11 The Desk with Laptop, Red Coffee Mug and Purple Mouse from Day 12 to form a little Lego Office Setup! WFH has never been cuter (and tinier).

This computer chair offers a lot of features. There is a height adjustment lever, armrests, and an adjustable back so the Gamer Minifig can lounge in comfort.

Day #14: Teenager with a Dog Treat and Smartphone

Day 14 Behind door number 14 is a little girl minifig from LEGO City Advent Calendar she carries a cell phone and a dog treat lets open the plastic clean bag with scissors and get to building LEGOS

Door number 14 revealed yet another minifig! This one is super adorable and full of wonderful details. My 6-year-old LOVED opening the clear, plastic bags with his little scissors! Great STEM activity with bonus scissor-cutting practice.

Day 14 Young Girl Minifigure This Tween or Teen is holding a doggie treat or cookie along with her cool smartphone iphone she's adorable in her red beanie and cozy sweater

First of all, this figurine is a kid (or maybe a tween/teen) because she is shorter than the “regular” Minifigures. What makes this little lady a kid is that her legs are not the regular length. I believe the top half is the same though so if you add the petite legs to other minifigs – they too become kid-sized!

She is ready for the winter months with her slouchy, red beanie hat, festive sweater, skirt, and purple leggings! Trendy and adorable! Of course, no teen minifig would be complete without an iPhone-reminiscent smartphone!

Her head does not have an alternate expression but the face printing is so cute! Girly eyelashes with a little smile and adorable freckles! Her hair is black and braided into 2 braids that fall on her shoulders.

Day 14 LEGO City Advent Calendar Young Kid Minifig Tween Teenage Girl with a Smartphone Iphone and cookie dog treat plus a bonus treat and instructions on how to build

Most of the builds come with bonus, duplicate pieces. This minifig comes with 2 cookies. They are either cookies for humans or cookies for puppies (hence the doggie paw graphic on them).

Day 14 Of the LEGO City Advent Calendar Reveals a Minifig of a Tween Teen Kid Little Girl with a dog treat phone and red maroon beanie

Day 14 and we already have SO many minifigures! And, interestingly, most of the minifigures are female!

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