Huxbaby Knit Cardigan with Mouse Print in Black Laying Flat New With Tags
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Huxbaby Mouse Knit Cardigan Sweater

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Below is an overview of the Huxbaby Mouse Knit Cardigan Sweater in Black. Hopefully, it helps to make your purchasing decision easier. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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Huxbaby Mouse Knit Cardigan Sweater Features

Exterior Features

Hux Baby V-neck Sweater New With Tags

This cardigan has a V-neck. Plastic button closure at the front. The “Mickey Mouse” like print is created from intermixing white yarn with a black background.

Huxbaby Close up on the Black Plastic Buttons on the Mickey Mouse Inspired Cardigan Sweater

Drop shoulder style. Slender arms with a wide, baggy bodice.

Banding at the wrists and hemline.

Huxbaby HUX logo tab with a close up on the Mouse print in white on a black cardigan sweater with banding around the waist

Huxbaby logo tag at the side, near the hip.

The back of the sweater has the print all over it and that is it.

Huxbaby back view of the cardigan sweater

Interior Features

The interior of this sweater is a double-sided, lighter fabric interior. Which gives it a thick feel! It is definitely good for wearing as outerwear!

Huxbaby Mickey Mouse Inspired Knit Cardigan Shacket Interior Shot of the light color inside

When you turn the sweater inside out you can see the seams and they are reinforced and well made.

The size tag is a white, sewn-on patch. This sweater is a size 3 (fits 3-year-olds). 100% Organic Cotton. Designed in AUSTRALIA and made in India.

Huxbaby size 3 100% Organic Cotton Sweater designed in Australia and made in India

It says to hand wash it BUT I machine-washed Oliver’s sweater (he has a similar one in a smaller size) – and it was JUST FINE! That’s how you can tell quality clothing – how well it washes. Huxbaby has AMAZING quality!

The cotton is GOTS-certified!

Huxbaby Knit Cardi Measurements, Fit & Fabric

Measurements and Sizing

Click here for the official size chart on the Huxbaby website.

Sitting down and rocking Nununu and Huxbaby

Huxbaby sizing doesn’t include the “T” found in many toddler clothing. So their sizes start at 0-3 months and go up to 8 years. Their kid sizing starts at 1, 2, 3…8. For the most part toddler sizing with or without the “T” (for example 2T, 3T) fit very similarly but some suggest that the T means the items are slightly shorter and wider to accommodate diapers versus the clothing without the T means the items are longer and skinnier. I found this not relevant to Huxbaby items.

Hux baby mouse print front closure cardigan sweater coat new with tags - rare and hard to find

Since the sweater I am selling in this blog post is new with tags, I can’t truly speak for the size BUT we are huge Huxbaby fans and we owned this sweater in a size 2 (meant for 2-year-olds). So I have some photos of my son wearing THAT sweater and hopefully, the sizing information helps a bit.

Toddler in Poland Europe Wearing Nununu Denim hat and Huxbaby Knit Cardigan in size 2

Outfit Details: Nununu Denim Shapka Flap Hat (similar), Oliver + Kit bandana (unfortunately this wonderful small brand is out of business), Huxbaby Kitty Cardigan (similar), Kids Supply Sweats (out of business, sold out), Nike Toddler Team Hustle D series (similar)

This is Oliver wearing the size 2 sweater and he is about 20 months old in this photo while visiting the Polish Museum of Toys and Play in Kielce, Poland.

The measurements of this exact sweater are as follows. All measurements are approximate in inches and were taken with the garment lying flat.

Size: 3 (meant for 3 year olds)

Armpit to Armpit: 15″ (will stretch a tiny bit)

Sleeve Length (from shoulder seam to wrist): 9″ (the style has a slight drop shoulder fit, which makes the sleeves just a little longer than 9″).

Hemline: 13″ (will stretch a little)

Shoulders (seam to seam): 17″ (will stretch to a bit more)

Total Length (from back of neck to hemline): 20.5″

No products found.

Fit and Style

The fit is baggy and oversize. It looks cute when it’s too large and fits loose. The sleeves are fairly short so they will fit your little one’s arms but the total length of the cardigan is quite long.

Huxbaby Oversize Loose Baggy Button Front Cardigan Sweater Coat for Kids and Toddlers with a white Mickey Mouse Inspired Print on Black

This fits like an oversized sweater jacket and can be worn as outerwear and a cardigan underneath thicker layers.

Huxbaby Knit Sweater Wear and Tear

This sweater is brand new with tags so we never washed it but we have owned it in a different color and size and it washed VERY WELL.

huxbaby new with tags tag details model TS1801 HB736 Mouse Knit Cardi Black 3 GOTS Certified Organic Cotton - Cardboard Paper Price Tags

The instructions say to wash it by hand but I have put it in a garment bag and washed it on delicate in my washing machine and it came out JUST FINE. BUT …. Make sure you always line dry it.

This sweater washed very well. There was no stretching or loosening of the knit. The sweater kept its shape beautifully and the colors remained bright and vibrant. Very impressive!

For the most part, this sweater didn’t pill. The cotton knit is smooth and slick so fuzzies don’t really stick to it. But it is wise to have a fuzz/lint roller handy.

Huxbaby Fuzzies on Sweater make sure you get a lint roller to get rid of any pilling or fuzz

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Keep clothing in great shape season after season with a great detergent! I fell in love with Dropps laundry pods and haven’t looked back. It is very safe and clean, good for the environment, us, and your laundry AND it actually CLEANS! If you would like to give it a try, use my referral link to save up to 30% here.

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Huxbaby Knit Cardigan Purchase Price & Place, Resale Value

I purchased this sweater directly from Huxbaby on their website. The Style # is TS1801 / HB736 / Mouse Knit Cardi.

The retail of this was about $80.

On March 20th, 2024, I listed this item for re-sale on Mercari, Poshmark, and Kidizen for about $47-50 so I would net about $40. Let’s see when it sells and for how much – when that happens I will update this post with details so check back!

18 month old wearing Huxbaby

Where to Buy Huxbaby?

Amazon – Amazon has new Huxbaby styles as well as older, harder-to-find styles. While on there you may also want to shop similar and lower price items with the Huxbaby look and feel.

Zappos – Good selection of Huxbaby items. Great prices and you can’t beat the generous Zappos return policy and excellent customer service.

Bloomingdale’s – Nice, large selection of Huxbaby items that are often on sale

Saks Fifth Avenue – Brand new Huxbaby collections dropping often

Huxbaby Official Site – The biggest selection of items. They don’t often run sales so check back and snag some great items when they DO run sales.

Save Money & the Environment by Buying Huxbaby Second-Hand

Kidizen: A great website where you can list and sell kid and mommy clothing, accessories, toys, and gear.

eBay: The OG of second-hand re-sale. There are pages and pages of Huxbaby items at every price point imaginable. You will find SOMETHING on eBay.

Mercari: Easy to use with many options for clothing items, accessories, toys/gear, and gadgets. Mercari also has a great iPhone app that makes selling super easy!

Poshmark: Another popular website to sell and buy items secondhand. They have a HUGE selection of Huxbaby clothing. Remember to add items to your bundle and ask to score lower prices. New to Poshmark, use my referral code MALIBUKARINA to save (only valid for new accounts).

Thread UP: There is some Huxbaby (and other brands) on Thread UP. It’s worth a peek but I find the search hit and miss so it’s a little harder to find that special gem.

Huxbaby Mouse Knit Cardigan Sweater New With Tags size 3 in Black and White Minimalist Colorway

Buy Similar Styles at Various Price Points

Amazon: There are many styles at all kinds of price points here. Different styles of baggy, graphic print kids’ cardigans.

Maisonette: This online shop has SO many options for kids’ knits! Mostly for smaller brands, and many eco-friendly and indie designers.

H&M: We all know H&M, they always have the latest styles, and you’re bound to find trendy loose, sweaters at a low price.

ZARA: One of my favorites for Oliver! They have THE best quality for the price.

Etsy: Ahh, the biggest small business sale site in the world! A great resource for unique baggy cardis or you can even have something custom made! The possibilities are endless with Etsy.

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