Stella McCartney Kids Camping Summer Camp Print Set with Sweatshirt and Sweatpants in Grey, Short Sleeve Navy T-shirt and Baseball Style 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
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Stella McCartney Camp Tops and Bottoms Set

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Hope you enjoy this overview of the Stella McCartney Camp Tops and Bottoms Set for Baby / Toddler.

Everything in this “set” was purchased directly on the Stella McCartney Kids website. The t-shirts were purchased separately and the grey sweatshirt/sweatpants were purchased as a set.

Below are some photos and videos of the items along with some basic information and measurements.

These exact items are listed for sale on various second-hand websites so I hope you check them out.

This exact print is no longer produced but I also linked many other Stella McCartney Kids items throughout this post because her clothing is just SO CUTE and you can find it on sale on various sites or purchase it second-hand for even bigger savings!

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Features of the Stella McCartney Camp Tops and Bottoms Set

Stella Mc Cartney Kids Sweatshirt for babies / toddlers size 2T 2 24 Months

Sweatshirt Features

The sweatshirt features a light heather grey background. The “camp” print is unique and so fun! It features wooden signs, bandaids, firepits, teepees, pine trees, and tiny animal footprints.

Stella McCartney Kids Summer Camp Outdoor Camping Print on Light Grey Background Features Wooden Signs, Teepees, Bandaids, Animal Footprints Pine Trees, Explorer Signs and Much More

The fabric is a lighter thickness super soft 99% cotton / 1% elastine. The back of the neck has 2 metal snap buttons for easy on and off.

Stella McCartney Kids Toddler / Baby sweatshirt with snap buttons at the back of the neck / neckline for easy on and off

Banding around the wrists. Loose banding at the waist.

Sweatpants Features

The print of the sweatshirt and joggers is the same. These were purchased together as a set.

Stella McCartney Sweatshirt and Sweatpants Set with Camp Outdoor Camping Vintage Print for Baby / Toddler 2 years / 24 months

The joggers have a loose waistline. There is almost no elasticity there, most of the tightness and adjustment are created by the self-tie.

Stella McCartney Kids Sweatpants with Self Tie Waist size 2 Years 24 Months

There are 2 slit side pockets. The shape is slightly loose with room for a diaper. Elastic at the leg openings.

Short Sleeve T-shirt Features

The short-sleeved tee shirt also features the camp print but on a dark blue background.

Ultimate Review of the Stella McCartney Kids Camp Outdoor Camping Print T-shirt Tee for Boys and Girls size 2 Years

100% cotton. Soft and lightweight. Really nice fabric quality. The neckline is not oversized nor does it have any buttons to accommodate a toddler.

Stella McCartney KIDS Printed on fabric size and brand tag

Loose and relaxed fit. The size is marked 2 Years as opposed to the sweatshirt and sweatpants which are 24 months.

Raglan 3/4 Sleeve Tee Features

Stella McCartney Kids Baseball style shirt Explore Do Not Enter Bear in Forest Graphic Ivory with Navy size 2 Years / 24 Months

The raglan sleeve baseball style tee does not have the all-over camping print. Instead, it has a large Explore Bear in the Woods graphic.

Stella McCartney Kids Explore Do Not Enter Graphic Baseball Tee for Boys Features a Bear in Woods from the Camping / Camp print collection

The fabric is cotton and very soft, slightly thicker than the navy short-sleeved tee. It did pil and the ivory portion discolored a little in the wash. But, this one was the one I believe Oliver worse the most.

Stella McCartney KIDS Made in China 2 Years Ans Baseball Bear Tee

The size is 2 Years and it fits pretty true to size.

Stella McCartney 2 Toddler 24 Month Baby Camp Print Sweatshirt Joggers T-shirt and L/S Tee

Measurements of the Stella Mc Cartney Summer Camp Set

All measurements were taken with the garments lying flat. Measurements are approximate and in inches.

Sweatshirt Measurements

Stella McCartney Kids Sweatshirt for Baby and Toddler size 24 Months size tag

Size: 24 Months (baby/toddler)

Bust (armpit to armpit): 12″

Waist / Hemline: 11″

Sleeve Length (shoulder seam to wrist): 12″

Total Length (neckline to hemline measured at the back): 13″

Stella McCartney Kids Camp Print Sweat Pant size 2T, 2 Years, 24 Months for Boys and Girls

Sweatpants Measurements

Size: 24 months (baby/toddler)

Waistline: 9.5″ (can be made smaller with tie and larger with elastic – the range is pretty wide up to about 11.5″)

Total Length (waist to ankle): 17″

Inseam: 10″

Rise: 7″

Short Sleeve T-shirt Measurements

Size: 2 Years (Toddler)

Bust (armpit to armpit): 12″

Waist / Hemline: 12.5″

Total Length (neckline to hemline measured at the back): 13″

Stella McCartney Kids Second hand Clothing for sale size 24 months 2 years

Raglan 3/4 Sleeve Tee Measurements

Size: 2 Years (Toddler)

Bust (armpit to armpit): 12.5″

Waist / Hemline: 12.5″

Total Length (neckline to hemline measured at the back): 13.5″

Wear and Tear of the Stella McCartney Tops & Bottoms Set

The fleece sweatshirt and sweatpants washed very well! There is hardly any wear to show. The print is very vibrant and there are no fuzzies. The elastic is still tight and the snap buttons are in excellent condition. No stains, no rips – truly great condition!

Stella McCartney Kids Close up of Camping print

The joggers are also in great condition. My son didn’t wear them as much as the waistline was always slightly too large for him as it doesn’t have a snug elastic and rely on the self-tie for adjustments. The elastic at the leg openings is still great. The seams look great as well. Still clean, no holes – many wears left in these!

The t-shirt shows slight fading of the navy blue fabric. The print still looks vibrant though. The dark blue cotton also is prone to a little bit of fuzzies and piling. Nothing major but worth mentioning. It’s always a good idea to have a lint roller on hand.

No products found.

This t-shirt along with the raglan sleeve tee were the two items my son wore the most out of this set so they do show the most wear and tear.

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No products found.

Where to Purchase Stella McCartney Kids

The Official Stella McCartney Kids Website: Straight from the source.

Maisonette: Our favorite luxury kid’s clothing shop. Huge selection and they’re always putting items on sale.

Saks Fifth Avenue: Tried and true, reliable, and reputable shop.

Children Salon: A plethora of luxury fashion for little ones.

Cettire: We just discovered this site! Great pricing and a huge selection of international brands.

Hera & Hermes: Adorable kid’s clothing site!

Save Money: Buy Stella McCartney Kids Secondhand

eBay: Huge selection of Stella McCartney Kids items. Some are brand new, some well used. Different price points from low to high. You’re bound to find something good on the OG of second-hand shopping.

Kidizen: HUGE second-hand marketplace that focuses on Kids’ clothing. Deals are to be found on here for sure!

Vestiaire Collective: Shop from all over the world in one place! VC will check the quality and make sure you get what you ordered on some pricier items. A large selection of luxury clothing for kids (and adults).

Mercari: Large selection of gently used items for the entire family. Use my link to save on your 1st purchase and earn cash back when you sell.

Poshmark: One of the first used clothing websites. Great selection of luxury and inexpensive kids’ items. Use my code: MALIBUKARINA to save on your 1st purchase.

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Stella McCartney Lot of Baby and Toddler Clothing with Camp Inspired Print

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