Timeless Classic and Always in Fashion Stylish Gucci Princetown Fur Slippers Slides Mules in Mauve Pink with Gold Horsebit Detail
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Eternally Classic Gucci Princetown Fur Mules

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Beautiful GUCCI Fur Slippers in a Mauve Pink Gorgeous Made in Italy Top Notch Quality

Eternally classic Gucci Princetown Fur Mules are one of the flagship items at Gucci. Rightfully so, these are truly comfortable and never go out of style.

They come in a plethora of different fabrics and patterns but the underlining details are always the same.

Gucci Horsebit Fur Slippers Mules in Mauve Pink Made in Italy and Forever Classic

Let’s dive into an overview and review of the timeless Gucci Princetown Fur Mules.

Eternally Stylish Gucci Princetown Fur Slippers

I have 4 different pairs of these and they are some of my most worn shoes. Horsebit mules instantly elevate a simple outfit. Gucci is one of those fashion houses that have a blend of elegant items alongside contemporary “trendy” designs.

Copied and emulated, this style has been seen everywhere but it is still a classic favorite. After all, imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Sometimes designer shoes are uncomfortable but these are seriously comfortable! I have put many miles on my Princetown mules and they have never let me down.

History of the Gucci Horsebit Detail

Since 1953, the horsebit detail has been incorporated into Gucci’s designs. The inspiration came to Guccio Gucci from years of working at The Savoy in London. Gucci was introduced to the aesthetic of the English racing set in London.

Actual HORSE BIT Horse-Bit Horsebit on an actual horse resembles the horsebit detail on GUCCI and other designer loafers and mules and slides.

The horsebit is a distinctive interlocking metal detail across the vamp of the shoe. It resembles the horsebit snaffle, the part of the bridle that sits on the horse’s mouth during riding.

Gucci Princetown Horsebit Fur Slipper Mule in Pink Full Review with Details Photos and Videos on MalibuKarina.com

This article details the Gucci Horsebit Loafer’s history as well as Guccio Gucci’s humble beginnings.

2023 marked the 70th anniversary of the Gucci Horsebit Loafer. It’s so iconic that one pair has been in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art since 1984.

Timeless Classic Fur Lined GUCCI Princetown Slippers Mules Slip On Shoes Loafers with Horsebit Detail in Mauve Color and Furry heels.

Countless celebrities, politicians, and notable business people have been wearing these for decades. The style is forever classic and hasn’t changed over the years.

History of the Gucci Princetown Mules

In the Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Creative Director Alessandro Michele, introduced the mule version of the famed loafer. The new design was named the Gucci Princetown Slipper. It was heavily inspired by the 1950s classic horsebit Jordaan loafer. Perhaps “Slipper” is a bit of a misnomer as the shoe is more of a slip-on mule.

Gucci Princetown Shearling Fur Lined Slip On Mules Loafers Slippers have a trendy and timeless elongated toe

This reimagining of the loafer to mule included an elongated toe, leather sole, and the coveted horsebit detail.

Through the years the Classic Gucci Princetown Mules have evolved to include prints and logos, leathers and fabrics, and the addition of fur trim. The Pricetown loafers have been handcrafted in Italy for decades. One thing has remained the same – the famed horsebit detail.

The Many Styles of Gucci Princetown Slides

The most popular style of the Gucci Princetown Slipper is created from calfskin leather. This timeless style comes in many colors including neutrals like black and ivory as well as vibrant colors like pink and green. Many styles are created from exotic leather such as alligator, lizard, and ostrich.

If you’re extra adventurous with your footwear, try the bejeweled Princetown mules!

Another type of leather used in some styles of the Princetown mule is suede in various colors and prints.

In an effort to become more sustainable and provide animal-free products, Gucci developed a proprietary vegan leather in-house. This faux leather is called Demetra and you can read a bit more about it here. In 2021 Gucci launched a few styles of handbags and footwear using Demetra.

If leather or faux leather is not for you, these mules also come in various fabrics including canvas, velvet, lace, and many more.

My collection consists of 2 pairs of the fur-lined Princetown (1 pair never worn and 1 pair worn out), 1 pair of the embroidered style (my absolute favorite!), and 1 pair of classic black.

The Gucci Princetown Slippers Slip-On Mules Come in Different Versions Including Bee and Star Gold Embroidered on Ivory, Black with Kangaroo Fur, Mauve Pink with Sheep Sherpa, and Classic Black with Gold Horsebit Detail

In this post, I am providing an overview of the Fur-Lined Princetown Loafers in the Mauve Pink Color.

Gucci Princetown Fur Mules Exterior Features

The calfskin leather has a slight pebbled texture but for the most part, it is pretty smooth. The leather is slightly stiff therefore when it breaks in, you will see some creasing in the front. Even though the leather is a bit more structured, these are truly comfortable out of the box. The interior leather is more supple and soft for extra comfort when worn barefoot.

Close up details of the Gucci Princetown Shearling Sheep Fur and Toe Fuzzy interior with a slightly pebbled exterior

As of 2015, Gucci uses only metal-free tanned leather in all their products. What does it mean when the leather is metal-free? Metal-free signifies that the leather was finished without using heavy metals such as aluminum, chrome, iron, zirconium, or titanium. All of those can be harmful to humans, animals, and the environment.

The exposed stitching is dyed the same color as the leather giving it a streamlined, clean look.

Detailed overview and review of the GUCCI Princetown Mules. Are they worth the money, and the hype and are they as comfortable as everyone says?

An elongated, rounded toebox gives the shoe a modern yet classic look that can be dressed up or down. These are definitely on the narrow side. The insole is relatively slender around the heel and then gets slightly wider around the toes.

Iconic Horsebit Detail

Two leather loops hold the horsebit accent in place. The gold tone on the metal is a true, deep yellow color. It also has a slightly aged look to it, it’s not pristine gold but more of an antique, distressed tone.

Gucci Horsebit Detail Classic and Recognizable anywhere

The horsebit detail is created from a few pieces of metal and molded into the shape synonymous with Gucci. Here is an amazing article detailing the iconic Gucci hosebit and just how invaluable it is.

No Heel on the Furry Princetown Slipper

Unlike the Princetown leather mules without fur, the furry version of the slipper does NOT have a heel.

Gucci Princetown Slides / Mules / Slippers without fur have a heel the furry ones do not have a heel

It is absolutely flat. There is a small strip of rubber near the heel to help with loud flip-flopping as you walk.

Fur lined Gucci Pricetown Slippers Mules do not have a heel the outsoles soles are leather with a small rubber strip at the heel for extra comfort against slipping

The leather sole can be slippery on some surfaces. There is a small, rubber “heel” to help give traction and reduce the click-clack sound.

GUCCI Princetown Furry Sherpa Lined Slipper Mules Slides in Light Mauve Pale Pink size 37 Full Review with a TON of Photos

Benefits of Leather Outsoles

Leather outsoles have many benefits. They are more comfortable than synthetic alternatives as they conform to your foot and adapt to the way you walk. They are playable and breathable which is great for foot health.

GUCCI and Other Luxury Shoes Always Use Leather Outsoles these make the Shoe Fit Better Be more comfortable adjustable and Pliable to Your foot and is easily re-soled when needed

Leather is also sturdy which keeps your feet better supported. Leather is a natural material that is not created with synthetics, non-renewable resources, or chemicals which makes it sustainable.

Typically leather soled shoes are an investment and should be re-soled by a professional cobbler to extend their life. Leather soles are easily replaceable so you can enjoy your investment shoes for many years.

Gucci princetown fur slippers / mules the soles are flat with no heel the non furry gucci princetown loafer has a small heel but these do not

And, finally, leather soles add elegance to a shoe, making them future-proof as they are always in style.

Read this more in-depth article about why you should always choose shoes with leather soles.

Gucci Princetown Fur Mules Interior Features

Gucci Princetown Slipper Fur Trim

Gucci FUR Shearling Sherpa Detail Close Up on the Slipper Mule Slide Very fuzzy and warm!

This version of the Gucci Princetown Fur Slipper has fur surrounding the insole, inside the closed portion of the shoe as well as the interior top of the toe box.

Gucci Fur Princetown Slippers Mules with Furry Trim. The fur stretches inside the toe box and around the insole of the slide.

Kangaroo fur was used in the Princetown slippers between 2015 and 2017. In 2018 Gucci stopped using kangaroo fur and replaced it with lambswool. In fact, Gucci pledged in 2017 that they would ban the use of fur in their pieces starting in 2018.

Gucci Fuzzy Loafers The Princetown Slipper Mule with Sherpa Fur Lining inside

The Princetown fur mules in this overview are from 2019 and therefore have the lamb’s wool. The wool is extremely durable and soft. These will keep your feet warm and cozy, even without socks.

Gucci has kept its “fur-free” pledge although some say that the use of lamb’s wool is not entirely cruelty-free.

Gucci Princetown Insoles

The insole is stitched all the way to the outsole. This makes the shoes durable and comfortable. The fur-lined Princetown slippers are mostly fur but have a leather insole underneath. There is a patch of calfskin leather with the GUCCI logo and “Made in Italy” text at the interior heel. This tag is visible when the shoes are off.

Gucci Fur Shearling Slippers Have a MADE IN ITALY leather patch hidden between the furry interior sole. Little luxurious touches from a Luxury Brand!

Gucci Shoe Dust Bags and Packaging

There’s been talk about the change in the Gucci dustbags all over the Internet. Honestly, many of the luxury brands have changed their packaging and dustbags.

Gucci Princetown Fur Slippers Mules come in beautiful Gucci Packaging including a black and white shoe box, satin dust bags with the logo sewn on a patch care booklet too

The controversy is that older Gucci dustbags were made in Italy. The fabric was natural such as cotton, flannel, and silk. Many of the older dustbags were satin silk on the exterior and soft cotton or flannel on the inside.

One of the things that makes purchasing luxury expensive items is the packaging and Gucci is still one of the brands that has beautiful shoe boxes and dustbags

Nowadays dustbags are a synthetic satin made in China. When the change first happened many people who bought Gucci off the second-hand market thought it was a sign of a fake item but that wasn’t the case, Gucci just stealthily changed the way they produced their dustbags.

The fabric and where the dustbags are made wasn’t the only change. Older dustbags had printed or embroidered GUCCI logos on them but now it’s just a tag that is haphazardly sewn on but only attached at the 4 corners.

Cutting costs is important to companies but luxury brands should keep their packaging luxurious to warrant the rising prices of luxury footwear.

GUCCI Luxury Princetown Slippers Mules Loafers with Fur Luxe Shoes Shoebox Dustbags Care Booklet Details of what Packaging to Expect from GUCCI

How to Style the Gucci Princetown Fur Mules

Honestly, the loafer or mule NEVER goes out of style. It may be popular on and off but it is always a classic and always an eye-catching shoe that is synonymous with “expensive” and “exclusive”. Quiet luxury at its best!

Size Matters

In my humble opinion and this is a pet peeve of mine, the LEAST stylish thing about wearing mules is when they are TOO SMALL! So many times I see people wearing mules with their heels almost dragging the ground. Let’s all agree, mules typically run small so go ahead and size up 1/2 a size or maybe even a full size.

These Gucci mules DO run small, I typically wear a 36.5 and opted for the 37 (but honestly I could have even gone up to 37.5). This is especially true because the inside is full of fur, making the shoe slightly more snug-fitting.

Shorts, Minis, Maxies, and Jeans

In the summer, I love wearing mules with cut-off shorts (my favorite are linked here) and a dressier top or lightweight cardigan. This balances out the casual look of cut-off shorts with the more classic and elegant mule and dressy top or sweater. For the summer I typically opt for lighter-colored mules such as a neutral shade of pink, beige, or ivory.

GUCCI Shearling Sherpa Fur Lined Slides Detailed Review with VIDEOS and PHOTOS Don't Miss it!

Mules and short skirts also elevate the outfit. Both, tight mini skirts and more flowy flowery skirts will look amazing with a pair of slides!

Long skirts and dresses can also work with a mule but for me personally, a long dress in the summer should be paired with a shoe that shows off your toes for a more flattering look. Something about long flowy dresses and close-toe shoes just doesn’t feel elegant. I typically reach for my Hermes Oran sandals when wearing a maxi dress or long, silk skirt in the summer. Here is a beautiful, high-quality Hermes Oran sandal dupe from French Sole that I also own and wear all the time!

If you want to wear mules with trousers or jeans, choose something that is a skinny jeans / legging fit for the most flattering look. Wide-leg trousers and jeans with very flat loafers are just not a good vibe.

Find Fashion Inspiration on Pinterest

For more ideas, hit up Pinterest and do a quick “Gucci Mule” search and you will be inundated with hundreds of style options for all occasions.

Gucci Fur Lined Slippers with the Shoebox Care booklet and silky shoe dustbags with logo patch in ivory

Where to Buy Pre-Loved and Brand New

Trusted Re-Sale Sites for Pre-Loved Gucci Princetown Mules

Fashionphile has an amazing selection of pre-loved (and sometimes brand-new) Gucci Fur Slippers (as well as other Princetown styles). They are the most reputable re-sale site out there. Their authenticators are the best in the business, no doubt. Furthermore, many of the items they sell are actually new with tags or never worn!

Another great resale site is Vestaire Collective. This global website connects you to individual sellers from all over the world! It’s another trusted site as all of the purchases go through Vestaire Collective’s authentication process. Their authenticators also check item conditions against the listing so you know you’re getting an authentic item that’s as described.

Rebag is another re-sale website that has authenticators looking at all the items they sell. They offer many styles of the Princetown Fur Mule at varying price points based on condition.

Gucci Princetown Horsebit Shearling Fuzzy Mules Slip-On Loafers Slippers with Luxurious Gucci packaging

The Real Real is honestly NOT my favorite but they DO have a huge selection of Gucci Princetown Loafers and Mules to choose from. They stock a wide variety of items at some really good prices.

Other websites that you can also try are Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay. Since you are buying directly from another user and not a business, definitely get your luxury purchases authenticated. If the items are found to be knockoffs, these sites will give you your money back. Some of these online marketplaces also offer authentication for a small fee.

Want a Pair of Brand-New Gucci Princetown Fur Mules?

Saks Fifth Avenue: For buying new, I really like Saks Fifth Avenue because they oftentimes offer cashback via Rakuten so if you’re purchasing expensive Gucci shoes you can get 2-5% cashback using the free Rakuten plug-in. They also run frequent sales and discount codes. Just a great website to shop for luxury items from any brand! Plus they have FREE return shipping (within 14 days) and you can also go into the store to make a return or try items on before buying on their website (where the selection is so much better).

Gucci Packaging Review and Overview. Has the quality of Luxury Packaging decreased gone Down so it's Not As Luxurious? I discuss this on the blog.

Department Stores & Online Retailers: There are many brick-and-mortar and online retailers that have a great selection of Princetown mules and loafers including Net-a-Porter, Bloomingdale’s, My Theresa, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

Offical Gucci Website: Of course, there is also the Gucci website but they rarely offer discounts or perks so in my opinion it’s best to get these from a department store to take advantage of discounts, cash-back, and other perks.

Try Them Before You Splurge

Not everyone has an extra $1100 to spend on some furry slippers so I found some pretty good lookalike furry mules and loafers. I suggest buying something more affordable and if you find yourself LOVING those and wearing them all the time then maybe it is time to splurge on the real deal!

These are not really “dupes”, “knock-offs”, or “super fakes” just similar styles at a much more affordable price.

Re-Selling Your Princetown Fur Slippers

Okay, let’s get one thing out of the way before we dive into re-selling – Re-Selling Luxury Items SUCKS!

Your items will sit on the re-sale site for months, you will get low-ball offers constantly and you will not get even CLOSE to what you pay for many items even if you wore them once or twice and they look brand new. Such is the lifecycle of luxury fashion. That is why I always always always say: Buy with the intention of wearing and keeping the item for many seasons to come. Now, I should actually follow my own advice.

Recommended Re-sale Websites

Vestaire Collective

Personally, I’ve had the BEST of luck re-selling on Vestaire Collective. It might be because of three things: 1. It is a global marketplace where you can sell to buyers all over the world. 2. Buyers feel safer purchasing on Vestire Collective. Each item is sent to their headquarters for authentication and condition/description check before being sent to the buyer. 3. Most items on the website are luxury items so the buyers KNOW the worth of the items and are specifically looking for high-end brands.


Rebag has also been a re-sale site that has been somewhat successful for me because they offer direct buyouts so you don’t have to wait for your item to sell. You get your funds right away but the amount will be far less than what it would be if you consign or sell directly. So if you need the cash soon, opt for a buy out but if you can wait, just wait. Re-selling on Rebag has been hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes they give me less claiming the condition wasn’t as good as I described. Maybe it was or maybe it wasn’t, it’s all subjective and therefore makes re-selling a tricky business.


Fashionphile also offers buyouts, they are reputable and will give you the buyout price and honor it every time. Again, the payout is lower but the cash is in your hand right away. My experience with buyouts at Fashionphile has been beyond positive. They pay out very fast via direct deposit or check and they have always honored their estimates to the penny. They do, however, have some of the lower buy-out prices so shop around when you are selling your items.

The Real Real

The Real Real has a consignment model. I sold to them a couple of times and ended up with very little profit because they marked the items down so much! So I can’t recommend them except if you have a high-demand item that’s popular or an item you bought many years ago and will re-sell for much more because of the price hikes (such as classic flaps from Chanel). Selling the Princetown mules or loafers would not be worth it on The Real Real, their fees plus their price cuts would leave you with just a fraction of what you can make if you re-sold by yourself.

Direct to Buyer

I feel like the “direct to buyer” sites such as eBay, Stock X, Mercari, and Poshmark are very difficult to re-sell on. Some buyers don’t understand the value of luxury items and will lowball you to no end. Out of those websites, Mercari is the best but you need to price accordingly and take into account all the fees and shipping costs.

Resale Value of the Gucci Princetown Fur Mules

As of 2023, these shoes retail for about $1100 in the United States. Reputable resale sites show prices between $350 to $850 depending on the condition. Of course the lower you price them the faster they will sell. Selling used shoes is always quite a hassle.

Unworn Princetown loafers and mules are easier to re-sell but you will lose money on them just because the market is oversaturated with them and they are easy to buy.

If shoes are harder to come by such as the Chanel sneakers and Chanel dad sandals then in some cases you can sell them for what you paid for them or even a bit more if it’s a style that has sold out or can only be purchased at the fashion house’s boutique.

So if you list your Princetowns on various re-sale websites, of course, they want their cut which can be as little as 20% or as high as 40%. So if you list your item for 1/2 price of the brand new version, $500, expect to pocket between $300 to $400. Yeah, not great.

Update 10/9/2023

I just sold these Gucci Princetown Fur Slippers in Mauve / Pink on Mercari. I listed them for $475 and had an offer of $347 and I ended up taking it because I just never wear these. But remember – I purchased them from Mytheresa for over $1100 and NEVER wore them – they came with ALL the goodies, the dustbags, the tags, the booklets, the works! After Mercari’s cut, I ended up pocketing $301.38, and I had the buyer pay for the shipping out of pocket which was about $13. Which means Mercari took about 14% commission. At the end of the day, I lost about $1100-$300=$800. $800!! OUCH!!

Of course, I could have waited for a better offer or listed them higher and waited but I just wanted to sell as I knew I wasn’t going to wear them and I was also thinking if they were in brand new condition I would get more for them. Also, the mauve may not be a popular color, if they were black perhaps I could get more money for them.

At the end of the day, these would have been “worth” more if I wore and enjoyed them season after season then keeping them in brand new condition and re-selling at an $800 loss!

Last Words and Advice on the Eternally Classic Gucci Princetown Fur Mules

In conclusion, the Gucci Princetown Fur Slippers are a classic, here to stay. They are BEYOND comfortable and can jazz up an outfit. You will enjoy the Princetown mules season after season without losing any “cool”.

Because of the exceptional, Italian craftsmanship and high-quality materials, these are worth taking to the cobbler. A professional can re-sole, fix up, and clean luxury footwear so it can stay looking its best for years.

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Looking for reviews and information on Women’s Fashion and Women’s Shoes? Additionally, check out the other sections of my blog and feel free to leave a comment or contact me on social media under @MalibuKarina everywhere including Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn (I’m everywhere).

Use Rakuten to get Cash Back for FREE!

Bonus tip: Undoubtedly, Install RAKUTEN on your browser to get cash back on your purchases! It’s FREE and easy to sign up for. For example, when I purchased these Gucci Princetown Fur Mules on MyTheresa.com, I was able to get 2% cashback. I paid just over $1100 with tax and everything so I essentially pocketed 2% which was about $22. Not bad, getting paid to shop. Rakuten costs you nothing and you’ll get a “big fat check” once every few months with all the cash back you accrue.

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Squarespace – Finally a website/blog builder that will get you up and running FAST. Squarespace is the place.

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