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Zara Fleece-Lined Pants in Light Brown

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We are HUGE Zara Kids fans! So when I saw these Zara Fleece-Lined Pants in Light Brown, we had to have them for the “cold” months in California. Frankly, these were one of our favorite clothing items and the pants that got the most use. These joggers are very well made and they have lasted for 2+ years. They are very soft and the fleece will keep your little one’s legs nice and toasty.


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Zara Kids Fleece Lined Joggers in Light Brown size 4-5

The Zara Fleece-Lined Pants in Light Brown are comfortable and warm pants for your baby, toddler, or kiddo. This style is available in many sizes and colors almost every fall and winter on the Zara website.

Zara Fleece-Lined Joggers Interior Polar Fleece

These pants are a size 4-5 years (43.3 inches in height). These fit my fairly average-height, slender son from the time he was about 4 until he was almost 6 although they were a bit too short by the time he was almost 6 years old.

Zara calls the color “Light Brown”. The style code is 0/2878/558/730/60. As I said, these do come back every fall and winter but not necessarily in the same colors or styles. For example, the style for this season does not have elastic at the ankles and some of the newer styles have pockets.

Zara Fleece-Lined Joggers Perfect for Toddlers and Babies

I purchased these Zara fleece-lined sweats on the Zara website in October 2020. I paid $17.90 + tax + shipping if the order minimum isn’t met.

These pants are a pull-on style without any buttons or zippers. The elastic waistband is stretchy and not too tight. It is wrapped in fabric and it is very comfortable. No pockets. Fully Lined in polar fleece on the inside.

Zara Fleece Lined Pants Fabric Content & Care

Outer shell: 69% polyester · 28% cotton · 3% elastane

Polar Fleece is polyester

Zara Fleece-Lined Pants

This garment is machine washable in cold water. You can dry them in the drier but I always air dry my clothing so they last and look newer longer. My favorite detergent to use is Dropps. Dropps are detergent, fabric softener, oxy booster, and stain remover pods and they actually WORK! It is the first safe and natural detergent that actually works. Give them a try and receive 30% off by following this link.

Since the Zara Fleece-Lined Joggers can sell out fast, here are some similar alternatives.

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