Vintage Chanel Cerf Executive Tote Bag in Size Medium Color Neutrals Beige
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Chanel Executive Cerf Tote

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The Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Tote is an exceptional piece in my collection. The late Karl Lagerfeld designed this bag around 2006. It is a vintage bag and the oldest piece in my collection. Made in Italy from luxurious and durable deerskin leather and dyed a neutral beige color that transitions beautifully from warm summers to cold winters. Quiet luxury at its best with a subtle CC logo on the front pocket and that’s it!

Interested in buying this exact Chanel Cerf Tote?

I am selling my beloved Cerf tote. I’ve loved it for years but I have my eye on something a bit different (the controversial Chanel 19 LOL). I have listed this Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf on the reputable resale websites below at a fair price (under $900 USD!). So hopefully someone snags it because it is truly a timeless classic and it’s not in the boring black.

The Vintage Chanel Cerf Executive Tote Bag has been discontinued since 2015 but its still a timeless classic style that is actually more affordable than many other Chanel Bags

Other places you can find this gorgeous tote include:

Fashionphile (preferred, trusted)


What Goes Around Comes Around

A Brief History

The Chanel Cerf Tote made its debut in 2005. This style was a permanent staple in the Fashion House’s collections for a decade. Despite being discontinued in 2015, this bag is still widely available on the resale market.

Simple, Timeless, Classic VINTAGE CHANEL Tote - Check out this review of (perhaps) the most affordable Chanel bag out there

The word “Cerf” translates to “deer” in French. Therefore, it makes sense that initially the Cerf Totes were crafted from deerskin.

Although, very durable, deerskin is quite heavy so Chanel began making other versions of the tote in various types of leather.

Around 2009 or so, the Cerf tote went through a slight redesign and got a new name “Executive” tote. This version came in various leathers and fabrics. Chanel also redesigned the closure, the Cerf closed with 2 interior snaps but the Executive had a fold-over flap closure. “Updated” closure photos courtesy of Jill’s Consignment.

Vintage Chanel Original Cerf Tote 2 Snap Top Closure vs Vintage Chanel Updated Version Cerf Executive Flap and Snap Top Closure

Some of the Executive Cerf Totes had the “CC” turn-lock pocket closure and others had the “Mademoiselle” closure. Photos of the Mademoiselle closure versions of the Cerf Tote courtesy of Fashionphile.

Karl Lagerfeld Designed 2005 Vintage Chanel Cerf with CC Turnlock Closure VS Updated Executive Cerf with Mademoiselle Lock Closure

Most styles came with a removable shoulder strap.

Chanel Executive Cerf Tote Removable Thick Sturdy Shoulder Crossbody Strap

Many of the Executive Cerf Totes also had fabric pochettes. These pochettes attached with snap buttons at the sides of the bag, you can see these snaps in some of my photos. Unfortunately, my pouch got lost but here is a photo, courtesy of Vestiaire Collective, to show you what the pouch looks like.

Chanel Cerf Executive Tote Bag Removable Zipper Top Pouch Pochette attached with Snaps Photo Courtesy of Vestiaire Collective

Exterior Features of the Chanel Executive Cerf Tote

This version of the Vintage Chanel Original Cerf Tote features the recognizable double CC turn-lock exterior pocket. Demure yet instantly recognizable.

Vintage Chanel Cerf Deer Skin Medium Tote Bag from 2006 Karl Lagerfeld Collection

Spinning the bag to the back, you will find a handy slip pocket, and this one is big unlike some of the Classic Chanel Flaps that don’t even fit a cell phone in their back pockets.

Vintage 2006 Chanel CERF Tote Bag - the 1st Executive handbag - the Original OG

The bag closes with two snaps, one on each side of the interior in the main compartment.

Vintage Chanel Cerf Executive Medium Tote in Beige from 2006-2008 Made in Italy

This tote opens very wide and folds beautifully at the sides when closed.

2006 - 2008 Vintage Chanel Cerf Executive Tote Bag Ultimate Detailed Overview and Review with Photos and Videos (original old version in deerskin and 2 snap closure)

Rolled looping handles are perfect to carry the bag in the crook of your arm.

Vintage Chanel Tote with Rolled Handles and Removable Shoulder Strap in Neutral Beige

These large handles are very versatile but they do stand upright even when carried by the shoulder strap.

Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Tote with double CC closure has Versatile rolled Handles that can be hand carried or carried on the crook of your arm.

This is my least favorite part about the Cerf tote, I wish these handles were more limber and laid flat down when shoulder carried.

Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Medium Tote Bag in Neutrals Beige with Removable Strap and Double CC Closure Pocket (no Pochette)

The removable shoulder strap attaches with lobster claws onto the hidden gold hoops behind the looping handles.

Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Tote Lobster Clip for Removable Shoulder Strap Details and Close up Photos With Detailed Review with Videos

Finally, this bag has one of my must-haves in luxury handbags: FEET!

Looking for a luxury tote with FEET? Check out this very detailed overview of one of the CHEAPEST Chanel Bags - you can get it on sale 2nd hand for under $1500!

Four gold studs on each corner protect this beauty from dirt and damage when sat down.

Vintage 2006 Chanel Cerf Executive Double CC Tote Bag in Deerskin Beige size Medium

One of the things that makes a Vintage Chanel so beautiful is the perfectly spaced, high quality, and durable stitching. This Cerf Tote has the same color and style of stitching on the entire bag.

Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Tote Designed by Karl Lagerfeld Perfect Luxury Stitching Hand Stitched Long Lasting Quality - Buy Vintage Not New for highest Chanel quality

Even though this bag is just about twenty years old, the stitching is still holding up beautifully! Just a bit of fraying at the opening where the stitches expand and contrast as the purse is opened and closed.

Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Medium Tote Closeup Photo of Stitching and Corner Wear Around The Opening - Still Beautiful after Almost 20 years!

Otherwise, most of the stitches are tight, not fraying, and almost like new! Very impressive!

Chanel Cerf Tote Leather, Hardware, and Fabric

The leather of this handbag is crafted from vintage deerskin that the “Cerf” tote was named after. “Cerf” means “deer” in French. Cerf leather is pebbled like the signature Chanel Caviar leather but it feels softer, and more malleable than the calfskin Caviar. Malleable leather such as deerskin is oftentimes thought of as being more luxurious or “high end”.

A beautiful Mess - supple and soft deerskin leather is durable yet soft! They don't make modern Chanel Bags like this any more - get a Vintage Chanel you will be impressed with the leathers!

Deerskin is durable and a great option for handbags because of its strength but it is also more pliable and soft. This leather’s elasticity allows the bag to flex and bend easier so to avoid nasty cracks that can occur in stiff leather and canvas. Perhaps that is why this bag has lost its shape after all these years. When sat down it crumbles into a beautiful mess!

Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Tote Bag with Deep Yellow Gold Double CC Interlock Hardware Closure

The hardware on this bag is gold. I do not believe it’s the vintage 24k gold that you see in older Chanel bags but the gold color is a beautiful deep yellow. Newer Chanel bags tend to have a more neutral gold color hardware but this is really stunning. The deep yellow really pops against the neutral color of the leather.

Vintage Chanel Cerf Tote in Pebbled Deerskin Original Design by Karl Lagerfeld Gold-Tone Hardware Against a Neutral Natural Colored Leather is just Stunning

The interior fabric matches the exterior of the bag and it is created from a polyester satin-like fabric. I am unsure what it is but it feels slightly silky, smooth, and slippery. As you can see in the photo below, the fabric in the large main compartment can be partially removed to spot clean or shake out dirt from the inside. This leads me to the interior features of this practical tote.

Photo of 2006 Vintage Chanel Cerf Tote Shoulder Bag with Long Crossbody Removable Strap interior Lining Removed to show Details

Interior Features of the Chanel Cerf Tote

Vintage 2006 2007 2008 Karl Lagerfeld Collection for CHANEL Executive Cerf Tote Bag Large Handbag for Laptop Computer Bag for Office Work Travel Carryon Diaper Bag for Babies so Versatile Quiet Luxury with Minimal Branding CC

This tote is definitely made for those of us who carry everything and the kitchen sink in our bags (aka Moms).

Top down view of the Vintage Original 2 snap button version of the CHANEL Cerf Tote (not the re-designed Executive Cerf) 2 snap closures on each side, rolled handles and removable shoulder strap snaps snuggly closed securely

This bag is not only HUGE when opened up but the handles and the shoulder strap are both durable and made with comfort in mind.

Vintage Chanel Cerf Tote Bag Interior Photos of Polyester Blend Lining in Beige Neutrals

When unsnapped, the Chanel Cerf Tote opens up very wide for easy access to all your items. Making it easy to access large heavy items like laptops and books in and out of the bag.

The largest compartment, the main storage of the tote closes with four gold, magnetic snaps (two on each side). The snaps make closing and opening this handbag easy. They are surprisingly strong and will remain snapped closed unless the bag is excessively full.

For that reason, if you are traveling in an airport, train station, or other public transit, be aware that the bag does not close securely as it would with a zipper closure.

Continuing to explore the main compartment, there is a zipper closure pocket with the universally recognizable CHANELĀ® Made in Italy leather patch.

Close up of a Vintage CHANEL Cerf Executive Tote Bag CHANEL Made in Italy Registered Trademark Logo Leather Patch Sewn inside the handbag zip pocket embossed with gold stamp paint

This logo is expertly embossed onto the leather patch and stamped with gold paint.

Vintage 2008 2007 2006 Original CHANEL Tote Bag Gold Snap Closure with Internal Pocket Close up. Plastic Teeth on Zipper with gold Tone Metal Zip Mechanism

The zipper teeth are plastic in this bag but the zipper pull and zipping mechanism is gold-toned metal. The zipper pull is a trapezoid-like shape with engraved interlocked CCs on one side and CHANEL engraved vertically, one letter at a time, on the reverse.

Close up photo of Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Tote Bag Zipper Hardware Gold-Toned CHANEL Logo Zipper Pull
Close up photo of the double CC Chanel Logo Zipper Pull Hardware in Gold-Tone inside the Vintage Executive Cerf Tote Bag - reverse of the zipper is the CHANEL logo

On the opposite side, there is another zip-closure pocket identical to the one mentioned above but it does not have the Chanel logo patch.

Interior photo of a Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Tote which includes 2 zipper closure pockets which are large and roomy

Missing: Interior Fabric Zip Closure Pouch

Unfortunately, my tote did not come with the removable fabric pouch as I purchased it second-hand from The Real Real in September of 2021 (for $1,695 + tax + shipping). I like to be transparent about the cost of my items so here is a screenshot of my invoice with all the details so you can be well informed as a shopper.

A real invoice for a vintage Chanel Cerf Tote with Strap from The Real Real - Transparency What you can expect to pay for an authentic vintage Chanel Bag

As you can see the bag came with a strap only. No authenticity card and no removable fabric pouch. You can still find many of these vintage Chanel Cerf Bags that include the pouch, strap, and authenticity card but the cost does go up so it’s a trade-off. For me personally, it didn’t matter if the bag came with the authenticity card or pouch.

Vintage Chanel Cerf Tote Interior Snaps for the Removable Fabric Zipper Closure POUCH

The pouch connects to the two small snaps you see on each shorter side of the bag (see the photo above with the snaps circled in red). I actually didn’t know about the removable pouch until I started doing research on this bag after purchasing it. I always wondered what those snaps were for!

Vintage Original Medium Cerf Tote in Neutrals Tan Calfskin Leather interior Features

The pouch comes with snaps at the ends which easily go in and out of the bag as needed. This makes this giant tote easier to organize for sure! Below are some photos of Chanel Cerf Totes which included the fabric pouch. These photos are courtesy of Vestiaire Collective from various sellers.

Interior Photos of the Vintage Chanel Cerf Tote with the removable zipper top closure pochette / pouch

Chanel Serial Number

The Chanel Serial Number location is within the large compartment of the Cerf Tote.

Where is the Chanel Serial Number Located? See this photo for details of where to look on a Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Tote Handbag

The leather tag with the Serial Number sticker is sewn onto the interior lining of the bag.

Close up of a Vintage Chanel Cerf Tote Serial Number beginning with 11 11xx Serial

It is located on the side of the non-Chanel branded interior zip pocket on the lower left-hand side as you look inside with the double CC turn-lock closure pocket on the bottom (closest to you).

Photo of placement of the Chanel Serial Number Tag inside the Vintage Executive Cerf Tote Hand Bag

External Side Pockets of the Cerf Tote

The Chanel Cerf Tote and Executive Cerf Tote feature two external pockets on each side of the bag. These pockets are pretty good in size and will fit many items for easy access. The pockets are also lined in the same fabric as the main compartment.

Vintage Chanel Executive Cerf Bag the ORIGINAL version without the closure flap! Rare and Hard To Find

The back pocket does not have a closure it is just a simple slip pocket. This pocket fits many items as it is ginormous. The fact that it does not have a closure, makes putting items in and out easy. Since there is no way to secure this compartment, placing it against the body when carrying makes it a bit more secure.

2006, 2007, 2008 Karl Lagerfeld Vintage Chanel Cerf Executive Tote Bag interior back slip pocket is roomy

The front of the bag has another pocket similar in size to the slip pocket at the back of the bag but this one has a closure. Not just ANY closure but the iconic Chanel double CC turn-lock closure!

2006 2007 2008 Karl Lagerfeld Designed Vintage CC Chanel Executive Cerf Medium Tote Quiet Luxury with Minimal Label CC Turnlock Closure LARGE Pocket

This bag’s main attraction and the only place you will see the Chanel logo. Definitely a low-key, quiet luxury kind of bag!

Vintage Chanel Tote Bag Designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 2006 This is the ORIGINAL style not the executive version rare and hard to find

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