REVIEW and OVERVIEW Eugenia Kim Vintage Carlotta Straw Beach Tote Bag made in Italy Apres Sea with Removable Shoulder Strap and Pochette Pouch in Blue with Wood Handles and Suede Lining
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Timeless Elegance of the Straw Tote Bag

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Woven straw containers, baskets, and bags have been around for centuries. Today woven straw bags are still going strong and have a resurgence every summer and spring.

It is one of the handbags in your collection that can be a splurge because it’s a style that is perpetually classic. Whether taking it to the beach, pairing it with a beautiful floral dress for brunch, or running to the farmers market – straw tote bags are the epitome of timeless elegance.

Mid-Range Luxury Straw Bags Under $500

Want a slightly elevated straw bag that will last for a long time but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on designers such as Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, YSL, or Louis Vuitton?

Here are some mid-range designers that have beautiful, high-quality straw totes for under $500: Eugenia Kim, Pamela Munson, Ulla Johnson, Jacquemus, and Ba&sh.

Eugenia Kim Carlotta Tote: Favorite Straw Bag for Under $500

I’ve had many straw bags and this one is the one I am most impressed with. Not only it is under $500, it is handmade in Italy.

Timeless Elegance of the Straw handbag - Did you know that many of Eugenia Kim's Handbags are handmade in ITALY?

Eugenia Kim makes beautiful hats but the designer is also responsible for some of the most beautiful, timeless straw tote bags.

Even though this print and color may not be available anymore, the Carlotta bag is a forever staple in the Eugenia Kim lineup season after season and it’s no mystery why. It’s beautiful, durable, and classic. Definitely fits that quiet luxury aesthetic with its simplicity and neutral colorways.

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Eugenia Kim Carlotta Apres Sea Straw Trapeze Shaped Tote Bag Beach Handbag in Blue with Handles, Shoulder Strap and Removable Pouch

External Features of the Eugenia Kim Carlotta Straw Tote Bag

This tote boasts a trapezoid shape that is synonymous with a classic straw beach bag.

Approximate measurements:

Width at the longest point (the top): 23″ (inches)

Height at the tallest point (measured from base to top, excluding handles): 11″ (inches)

Depth measured at the base (but this bag opens quite wide and will fit a tablet): 5″ (inches)

Woven straw is an ancient artform and these modern straw beach bags are beautiful and classic and worth the investment.

The tightly woven straw is dyed a beautiful denim blue with various shades of the natural straw color peaking out, giving it a multidimensional look that may come off as slightly distressed.

3D embroidered glued slogan on the front of a straw beach bag

The slogan on the front of the bag says Apr├ęs Sea (I believe that means After Sea in French). This text looks like cursive writing and is created from straw which is shaped into the text and adheased to the front of the bag. It does add some extra texture and interest to the design.

Oval shaped bottoms of bags allow the handbag to stand by itself a nice feature to have

The bottom of the bag is an oval shape and the tote is able to stand by itself which is a definite bonus.

Wicker straw beach tote bags typically have beautiful wooden handles created from wood such as bamboo. They can be attached by drilling holes in the wood and weaving fabric through.

The handles are made out of wood. I am not sure what type of wood but it’s lightweight and a bit on the softer side.

Timeless Elegance of the Straw Tote Bag - Eugenia Kim Carlotta Bag

The way the handles are attached is beautiful and really lends to the laid-back beachy feel of the bag.

The most common wood to use for handles on straw wicker raffia beach bag totes is bamboo and it is typically treated and stained and attached by drilling holes in the wood.

There are holes drilled in the wood where the same fabric as the interior is looped through to attach the handles to the handbag.

Natural wooden handles on straw wicker handbags are beautiful and are a great natural and sustainable addition to the straw bag design.

The wood is definitely treated and stained but it’s not perfect.

Pitted wooden handle of a straw bag

It is pitted and slightly distressed but because it’s stained and treated it’s very smooth (don’t worry about splinters).

More sustainable than leather try a straw / wicker bag next time and opt for wooden handles they are beautiful and look chic

This style of the Eugenia Kim Carlotta bag is unique in that it comes with an adjustable, detachable, leather shoulder strap.

Timeless Elegance of the Straw Tote Bag - Eugenia Kim Carlotta Straw Wicker Tote Bag with Removable Adjustable Leather Shoulder Strap

Lastly, the back of the tote is blank, classic, and simple.

Timeless Elegance of the Straw Tote Bag - Eugenia Kim Carlotta with a rare detachable shoulders trap and inside pouch the back is plain simple and classic.

Internal Features of the Eugenia Kim Carlotta Straw Tote Bag

The interior of the tote is a neutral black color. The fabric is 100% thick cotton. This particular cotton fabric has an ultra-soft, suede-like feel.

Timeless Elegance of the Straw Beach Bag is definitely worth the splurge! Look for beautiful expensive details such as natural lining.

Unfortunately, it is prone to fuzzies and piling because of how soft and staticky it is.

Natural 100% Cotton Handbag Lining is Wonderful, Durable and a Not Synthetic Option but it is Prone to Piling Staining and Fuzzies. Versus Synthetic Fabrics that are much slicker and satiny.

The hardware of this Eugenia Kim Carlotta purse is all gold-toned.

Timeless Appeal of the Straw Wicker Tote Bag. Gold tone hardware against a black lining is truly the most beautiful combination for a handbag.

It’s very shiny and a true gold hue, not a muted light gold.

Eugenia Kim Carlotta Straw Wicker Tote Bag Review, Details, Photos and Videos

The zipper pulls are sewn from the same fabric as the interior of the bag, 100% luxurious thick black cotton.

Interior zipper pocket details

Inside is your typical smaller zipper closure pocket with the Eugenia Kim engraved logo on a gold tone plate. A bonus slip pocket directly behind the zip pocket allows for easy access.

The interior of the bag houses the straps and rings which attach/detach the removable shoulder strap. The strap has a clasp that can be clipped on and off as needed.

The bag itself closes with a hidden magnetic closure sewn discreetly behind the lining. See that circle shape at the top and bottom of the open tote below? That is it!

Inside the Eugenia Kim Carlotta Bag Features 100% Cotton and Gold Toned Hardware with pockets and straps and interior pochette pouch

Detachable Pochette

The last feature of this particular style of the Eugenia Kim Carlotta wicker bag is the detachable pochette.

Timeless and Elegant Eugenia Kim Carlotta Slogan Wicker Tote Made in Italy Includes Removable Shoulder Strap and Interior Removable Pouch / Pochette

The small, black pouch is created from the same 100% cotton fabric that the lining is made out of.

Eugenia Kim Carlotta Wicker Straw Bag with Removable Detachable Inside Pochette Pouch with zipper and gold clasp.

This pouch is attached inside the bag with a loop and clasp and can be removed when not needed or carried by itself as it has the beautiful gold tone Eugenia Kim golden plate logo.

Timeless Elegance of the Straw Tote Bag - Some of these beautiful timeless bags include removable pouches

The zipper closure at the top allows your belongings to stay put.

One luxurious feature of timeless totes is removable pochettes or pouches check out this one from the Eugenia Kim Carlotta straw bag.

Hope you enjoyed this little review or overview of the Eugenia Kim Carlotta bag.

Timeless and Elegant Eugenia Kim Carlotta Slogan Wicker Tote Made in Italy Includes Removable Shoulder Strap and Interior Removable Pouch / Pochette

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