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Free City Superfluff Pocket Lux Sweatpants Review

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A detailed review of the elusive and often sold-out Free City Superfluff Pocket Lux Sweatpants. Slightly different than the classic Free City sweats, the Superfluff sweats are more lightweight, softer, and feature pockets!

Free City Superfluff Fluffy SuperLux Pocket Luxe Joggers Lounge Pants Sweats in BUSH Green with DOVE Logo
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04/13/2024 08:29 am GMT

If you’re reading this, you probably know the exclusive, luxury status of Free City and its loungewear items.

Free City Dove Logo on the Leg Drop Crotch Luxury Joggers Sweats Sweatpants Lounge Pant made in the USA Super Fluffy Lux Pocket

Free City handcrafts every item in their collection in limited quantities at their Hollywood workshop. Their philosophy of creating clothing, art, and an encompassing experience garners respect in the fashion world. Free City does not mass-produce its products which makes the brand more exclusive. That is another reason the price point of Free City is rather high. Each Free City item is thoughtfully created with the hope that it will bring joy for years.

Free City classic loungewear is high quality and a status symbol but the Superfluff line FEELS luxurious, unique, and has an upscale fit.

FREE CITY Fluffy Luxury Superfluff PocketLux Terry Lounge Pant Sweats in BUSH Green - A detailed REVIEW

I purchased these Free City Superfluff Pocket Lux Sweatpants from Shopbop on a whim because I really loved the classic sweats. The “Bush” color of these sweatpants is a rich hunter green. These sweatpants are no longer available on in the “Bush” color but you can still purchase them on these websites:

Garmentory – A community of curated top fashion brands and trends you may or may not have heard of. Highly recommended (they oftentimes have sales and coupon codes!).

Free City Supershop – The OFFICIAL Free City online store.

Blue & Cream – Designer fashion boutique.

Free City Superfluff Sweats External Features

The waist is elastic and covered in fabric with drawstring ties.

Free City Tie Waist Covered Elastic Drop Parachute Style Joggers Leggings Luxury Made in the USA Hollywood Los Angeles

The drawstring is made out of a flat, woven fabric, similar to shoelaces. This self-tie drawstring is soft, flexible, and fully functional. The ties are long and can easily tie into a bow, loose knot, or hidden inside the pant.

Free City Shoelace Style Waist ties for the superfluff lux pocket joggers

Following down from the waist, the slant pockets at the hips are roomy. Because of the thinner fabric, the pockets drape down the thigh without adding bulk. Being that the fabric is lightweight, anything heavy that you may put into the pockets may show through on the exterior.

Perhaps, the most important feature is the logo on the leg. This is the FREE CITY Classic Dove Logo. Clothing with the Free City Logo is exclusive and recognized worldwide.

Free City Supershop Superfluff Fluffy Drop Crotch Jogger pants in luxury cotton made in the USA

To the touch, the logo feels like part of the fabric. The method used to adhere the graphic is “Soft-Hand Screen Printing” which provides the softest feel. This feels like it is part of the fabric whereas other brands’ graphics feel plastic-y and can crack and peel. To read more about it, feel free to check out this article from Sharprint on how Soft-Hand Printing works on dark garments.

Free City Fluffy Superfluff Lux Pocket Jogger Sweats Lounge Pants in Bush Green REVIEW with MANY photos

Exposed flatlock seams run at the sides, from the waist to between the legs and the length of the inseam. For that reason, these seams are similar to the seams on thermal underwear / long johns.

Free City Back View of SUPERFLUFF Dove Logo with Back Pocket drapey lightweight leggings joggers

The back of the pants features a fully functional, slouchy, patch pocket. The size of the pocket is nice and can fit quite a bit.

Free City Superfluff Fluffy Joggers with Lux Pocket at the back made in the USA LUXURY Loungewear

There is a decorative “FREE CITY” tag at the bottom of the pocket. This tiny feature is basic but gives the sweats a pop of flare.

Free City Back Pocket Logo Decorative tag on the Fluffy Leggings

The bottoms of the leg openings feature a relaxed (barely elasticized) banding.

Free City Joggers with Elastic at the Ankles / Leg Openings loose and relaxed look. Luxury Joggers made in the USA

The Fit and Feel of the Free City Superfluff Pocket Joggers

The fit of these pants is somewhat unique. The legs are narrow and the front and back are oversize with a drop-crotch style. According to some reviews, for a looser fit, sizing up is recommended. As a matter of fact, the legs and thighs run slim. However, the elastic waist is true to size because it is meant to be worn above the belly button. These are definitely a high-waist style. On the contrary, the lower you wear them the more exaggerated the drop crotch is. So it really depends on what your personal preference is.

The fabric is lightweight and extremely pleasant to the touch. It is soft and drapey, it feels truly luxurious.

Free City Superfluff Joggers versus Classic Free City Sweats

Since the classic Free City sweats are quite popular, the likelihood that you are reading this article and already own those is high. I thought it was a good idea to compare and contrast the Superfluff to the Classic sweats. First, the classic style sweatpants are oversized and loose with tight elastic at the ankles with plenty of room in the legs, thighs, tummy, and behind. On the other hand, the Superfluff sweats are somewhat fitted with a drapey loose elastic at the ankles. The photo below shows a pair of Free City classic sweats I purchased many years ago. This core Free City style is still their #1 best seller therefore it is brought back season after season.

Free City Classic Dove Logo Oversize Sweat Pants Vintage Sweats Lounge Pants Joggers made in the USA

In contrast to the lightweight fabric of the Superfuluff line, the Classic style fabric is warm, cozy, and extra thick. Think back to sweats from your childhood or perhaps your boyfriend’s old sweatpants, they have that old-school vibe – thick, cotton/poly blend sweats. No frills, just plain and simple.

As noted above, keeping the Classic sweats plain and simple means no pockets and no fancy seams. Whereas the Superfluff sweats have 2 side pockets, 1 back pocket, and intricate exposed seams throughout.

The composition of the Superfluff sweats includes various blends of the following fabrics Modal (30-70%), Cotton (30-40%), and/or Tencel Lyocell (20-30%).

Free City Life Nature Love Freecitylegsgotogether Superfluff Fluffy Joggers Sweat pants fabric content

The composition of the Classic sweats includes various blends of the following fabrics Cotton (50-100%) and Polyester (up to 50%). Most are 100% Cotton.

Free City Superfluff Pocket Lux Sweatpants MAY Be Worth The Splurge

If you are a fan of the classic Free City items, this is definitely a nice addition to your closet. I wouldn’t recommend these be the 1st pair of Free City sweats you get. Start with the classics for sure.

As far as fit, these are definitely better suited for a frame that is not petite (I would suggest being at least 5′ 3″). They can overpower a shorter frame because of the high waist and drop-crotch style which makes your legs look shorter. If you have a short torso (like myself) these are not all that flattering.

Free City Superfluff Lux Pocket Fluffy Lounge Pants Joggers with High Rise Drop Crotch Style and Exposed Seams

So I suggest something with a lower rise for those of us who are all legs and short torsos. The other thing is with the rise being high there is a lot of real estate on the tummy so if you have a mommy tummy (or carry your weight in your stomach) these lounge pants won’t be flattering unless you wear a longer tee or sweatshirt on top of them.

Sizing recommendations: I am 5′ tall and weighted about 128lbs (my inseam is about 28″), I purchased the size XS (but should have taken the size S because the legs and thighs were too tight).

Hope this little analysis and review helped!

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