Dr. Brown's Preemie Baby Bottles make feeding a premature baby much easier
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Dr. Brown’s Bottles Are The Only Choice for Premature Babies

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Voted #1 over and over again, Dr. Brown’s preemie baby bottles are the best, if not the ONLY, choice for new parents.

Premature babies need a lot of extra care while feeding. They are fragile with low stamina, can have airway issues and acid reflux. Many preemies have problems breastfeeding or bottle feeding. This can be heartbreaking for parents and caregivers because the little one needs nutrition to grow and thrive.

Dr Browns Anti-Colic Preemie 2oz Natural Breastfeeding flow options+ bottles

Dr. Brown’s preemie baby bottles are truly designed for the tiniest of babies in mind. My son, born at 30 weeks, was able to feed with almost no issues using these bottles. We filled them with my breastmilk when he was having a hard time latching on. It is perfectly normal for premature babies to have a hard time breastfeeding. It’s nerve wracking when breastfeeding doesn’t go according to plan. But, in the grand scheme of things, it really does not matter as long as baby’s tummy is full. A baby’s full tummy equals a well rested mommy.

Swaddled Preemie taking a nap after a Dr. Brown's Preemie Baby Bottles feeding

Our growing baby boy had the appetite of a grown man, I couldn’t keep up with breastfeeding and pumping. Our amazing NICU Doctors, Nurses and Pediatrician educated us on baby formulas and prescribed ONLY ready to feed formula from Enfamil. So when the breast milk ran out, we filled the Dr. Brown’s preemie bottles with Enfamil ready to drink liquid formula. The bottles and nipples worked AMAZING with both watery breastmilk and thick formula.

What makes Dr. Brown’s #1?

Dr. Brown’s Secret is the Anti-Colic Internal Vent System

Their proprietary natural flow design simulates breast milk flow so it makes it easier to breastfeed, bottle feed, and back again. Dr. Brown’s was designed by, you guessed it, a doctor! Craig Brown, MD is THE Dr. Brown who invented Dr. Brown’s baby bottles when he saw a lack of anti-colic and anti-gas baby bottles on the market.

Dr. Brown's Preemie Baby Bottles Worked Miracles for Our 30 week NICU newborn

You may have noticed that Dr. Brown’s bottles come with a little “straw” inside the bottle. That is where the magic happens! The anti-colic internal vent system is a powerful vent that eliminates air bubbles in the liquid. No air in the milk or formula means no air in the baby’s belly.

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Preserve Breastmilk and Formula Nutrients with Dr. Brown’s Bottles

Freezing breastmilk is common practice and the best way to preserve precious milk. When freezing breastmilk, make sure to squeeze out any air bubbles. Air bubbles in frozen milk can cause freezer burn. Air bubbles in thawed milk can wreak havoc on the tummy of a premature baby. Furthermore, air degrades nutrients and vitamins in milk and formula. The vent system in Dr. Brown’s bottles preserves nutrients because every drop of precious breast milk and formula is important for our little NICU graduates.

Dr. Brown's Preemie Baby Bottles are perfect for late night NICU Grad feedings

Breastfeeding to Bottle Feeding and Back Again Seamlessly

Many of us have busy lives and rely on caregivers to help out with our newborns. That is why it’s important to be able to breastfeed and bottle feed interchangeably. It is imperative that you choose the slowest flow rate bottle nipple for a premature baby who is breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The slowest flow rate nipple most closely resembles breastfeeding.

When a baby breastfeeds they have to work to get the milk, the slow flow nipple simulates that. The baby has to work but not hard enough to cause feeding issues. Having a nipple with a flow that is too fast can cause many problems and can overwhelm a baby into not wanting to feed.

Dr. Brown’s vent system eliminates negative pressure which allows the liquid to flow slowly and steadily when the bottle is turned over. When the baby starts feeding the flow in the bottle teat opens up very similarly to breastfeeding. Switching back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle feeding should be easy peasy with Dr. Brown’s.

A fun fact about Dr. Brown’s is that their manufacturing process is so precise that each same level nipple is identical! Now, this may seem like common sense but apparently only Dr. Brown’s same level nipples were consistent throughout. When tested, other major baby bottle brands showed variation within same level nipples. So if you find the perfect Dr. Brown’s flow level nipple for your little one, rest assured every time you purchase a new one, it will have an identical flow rate.

Dr. Brown's Preemie Baby Bottles are the best for premature babies

No Gas, No Reflux Just Peaceful ZzZzZzs

A fussy, gassy baby isn’t going to fall asleep easily. For premature babies feeding time can trigger acid reflux and painful gas. Acid reflux can be dangerous for a preemie and requires frequent burping, smaller, more frequent feedings and holding baby upright until the discomfort passes (no pun intended). All this can be stressful and frustrating for parents, caregivers and the baby.

The more air baby sucks in while feeding the more likelihood of gas and reflux. Dr. Brown’s preemie baby bottles are the only baby bottles on the market that offer a fully vented atmosphere. Opt for the best for your preemie.

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Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles Are So Good Baby Will Feed Himself

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This informative article further describes just why Dr. Brown’s is different, and better than the competition.

Dr. Brown’s has a wide range of products that will grow with your preemie, infant, baby and toddler so now it’s the right time to give them a try.

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